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Here's How To Build The Blog You Want

Last Updated on June 11, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Guys and dolls: Before you commit yourself to write your next big blog post, first ask yourself this - Who the f**k are you actually writing this post for?

  1. Are you writing yet another 3,000-word blog post to please Google and other search engines?
  2. Are you writing yet another blog post to help you boost your blog revenue?
  3. Are you writing yet another post to please a specific reader or audience so that they speak good things about you on social media?

What about this:

Just write a f**king post on a topic that you want, a topic that you're overly passionate about, a topic that pleases you, yet will still benefit your audience and readers in a massive way.

Have something on your mind that you think might be relevant to share with your readers?

Blog about it - Don't be f**king scared. That's what blogs are for, right?

I've been thinking a lot about my own blogging strategy and I think I've gotten lost somewhere along the lines over the years.

I've built this persona around my writing style that's quite nice and friendly, yes, but often it's not really me. I feel as if I'm not letting the real me be seen through my writing.

I guess that's what happens when you follow a certain trend or belief for too long. I've been at this for nearly 8 years, and it's time for a change I think, and you're either going to love it, or just hate it.

You see, you don't always need to rack your brains with keyword and market research. You don't always have to write a lengthy post to give value or grow your authority as a blogger.

You just need to start a conversation that matters to you, share some value that folks will love and benefit from, sprinkle a little storytelling here and there, and that's it - That's what blogging is all about.

Above all, you need to be YOU. And as I said, over the years, as a blogger, I honestly don't feel that I've been 100% my genuine self with blogging.

It just seems that more blogs are turning into these mass marketing platforms that are meant to please certain audiences (often by spreading fake crappy news), and drive traffic and generate revenue and promote this, and advertise everything else and all the sh*t in between.

OK, let me calm down a little bit here.

But it feels like we've forgotten the true purpose of a blog. The true meaning of blogging.

So, here's how to build a blog that YOU want and f**k the rest! Because that's my new strategy with Magnet4Blogging from this day forward.

  1. Write about the real things that matter to you and your community the most. I repeat, THE MOST.
  2. Build a blog that steers you towards your ultimate goal. Your goal.
  3. Become the blogger that spills value, honesty, empathy, whilst remaining 100% true to him or herself.
  4. Stop thinking from a marketing perspective and more from a creative and storytelling point-of-view, if that makes sense to you.

Blogging is meant to be fun, sure it should be rewarding and you should approach it in a professional manner and what not. But what the f**k is going on? It seems that every other blog I visit and read these days are stuck on one road to one aim for one purpose.

Or, maybe I've got it all wrong and I'm losing my mind in my early 40's, I don't know. Well, I certainly hope not.

What are your honest thoughts about blogging from the heart and building a blog that YOU want? Please do feel free to share your comments with me below, as always, or share this post on social media with your comment. I appreciate you.

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