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The Blogging Comeback!

Last Updated on August 30, 2023 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Hey everyone, Fabrizio Van Marciano here, back from the land of the lost. I have some pretty exciting news to reveal, but from the title of this post, you probably have a good idea of what I'm going to announce. I'm making a blogging comeback!

Yep, I'm back. Blogging at Magnet4Blogging again! After almost two years of absence, and having made my announcement that I was moving on from this blog, I've decided to make a comeback.

I mean, what more can I say apart from that?

Well, I could go on and explain what made me decide to return. And then waffle some more about what I plan to do in the next six or twelve months with this blog. But I think I would prefer to get things moving first before making any big plans or promises.

I'm glad that I took the two-year break because I had a lot on my plate at the time. And since this blog is not just about me sharing my blogging tips and marketing strategies, it's also about me sharing with you my personal journey as a blogger and online entrepreneur.

I've been a pretty busy bee with FVM and creating my online courses, etc. but I have time now to dedicate to this blog again, and that's due to a big decision that I'm making with my freelance business at FVM.

In 2024, I'm planning to halt my services offered as a freelancer (web design and development) to focus more on my educational content and blogging. That's all I will say, for the time being, because I've not yet announced this officially over at FVM.

So, when can you expect the first brand-new 'real' blog post since March 2022?

Well, I don't plan to write anything new just yet. And that's because the entire website is being redesigned and rebranded! All of the content is also being carefully revised... again.

I'm about halfway through the entire process and I'll be looking to relaunch Magnet4Blogging in late October or November of this year. I'm excited about that.

OK, so that is it from me for the time being. I'm glad to be back. If you want to leave me a comment, feel free to do so below (if the comments section is open). If not, then that's also fine. Watch this space,

Regards - Fabrizio.

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