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Single Or Multi-Topic Blog: Which One Should You Start?

Last Updated on April 30, 2021 by Fabrizio Van Marciano
Single Or Multi-Topic Blog: Which One Should You Start?

I'm often asked this question: Start a single or multi-topic blog: Which direction is the best to take? Hopefully, this blog post will help answer some questions you might have, so let's go!

When I started my blog back in 2010, I probably didn't consider what topic I would focus on. I didn't really spend enough time honing in on a specific topic but rather decided to focus on a broader topic that I was passionate about.

Looking back now, a big part of me wished that I had focused on just one or two smaller topics. If you look at my blog archives, you'll find that I cover subjects ranging from WordPress tutorials, digital marketing advice, writing and content creation tips to social media tips, affiliate marketing, make money blogging, and many more.

I suppose you could argue that all of these topics are important to this blog since they relate to blogging. I just couldn't write about blogging without covering those other topics as well, right?

That being said, focusing on one subject has a few big benefits, and often it is the advice given to somebody looking to start a blog. Rather than focus on multiple subjects, just pick one topic and create a blog of authority on that subject.

But instead of me waffling on about which strategy I think is the best, I'll break this post up, and we'll look at the pros and cons of both of these options.

Starting a single-topic blog

What is a single topic blog? It is a blog that focuses on one topic or subject. A blog that focuses on one topic presents itself as an authoritative blog.

Many bloggers have found success with single-topic blogs. Take a look at WPBeginner, for instance. Some would probably argue otherwise, but I see WPBeginner as a single topic blog focusing mainly on WordPress tutorials. It's one of the most successful blogs in the WordPress community today.

Another single-niche blog that comes to mind is Search Engine Land. The blog focuses on anything and everything to do with SEO and Google.

Although these are niche blogs, the subjects that can be covered are plentiful. If you follow both of the blogs mentioned above, you may already know this.

OK, let's look at the pros of starting a single topic blog.

  1. Pick your best topic - You can pick a topic you feel you have the most knowledge of. The one you're comfortable writing about and sharing your ideas.
  2. Pick your passion - You can pick a topic that you care about the most. The one that you will find joy in writing about the most. This is critical because it will also help you to stay consistent.
  3. Become authoritative - You can become the go-to leader or have the go-to blog for this single topic.
  4. Revenue - You have a better chance at converting visitors into buyers when it comes to making money from your single-niche blog.

Now, let's look at a few cons of starting a single-topic blog:

  1. Inconsistency - It can be harder (but not impossible) to find things to write about on a single topic; this can affect how consistent you are at producing content. Writing a few posts per month might be fine, but writing a post per day might be a little bit difficult. You'll have to find a frequency that suits you and your audience.
  2. Boring - It can also become monotonous to write about a single topic after a while. This is why I said that passion is so important. If you're going to go niche-focused, make sure you're passionate about the topic.
  3. Traffic - Starting a single-niche blog can prove to be more difficult to grow traffic. On the plus side, the traffic is targeted and will come, but very slowly.
  4. Community - Finding an audience for your single topic can be challenging. Again, it will take time, at least.

Starting a multi-topic blog

Right then, now let's look at starting a multi-topic blog. I want to be clear and explain that I mean starting a 'single' multi-topic blog and not multiple blogs on many topics.

With a multi-topic blog, you can pick one subject that has multiple sub-topics. For example, 'blogging' is the primary subject of Magnet4Blogging. However, I also cover many other topics because there is an overlap in blogging, as I mentioned earlier.

You can also pick many subjects that have multiple topics. One of the most successful multi-subject and topic blogs is Huffington Post, which we all know well. The site covers a range of topics from news, politics, tech, entertainment, parenting, personal development, and more.

Huffington Post is also one of the highest-earning blogs on the web, raking in a staggering $500 million in revenue per year!

So, let's look at some of the pros and cons and we'll start with the cons of starting a multi-topic blog.

  1. Topic ideas - You will never run out of topic ideas to write about. You will always have something to talk about on your blog since you cover everything and anything.
  2. Guest authors - If you want to attract guest writers, it shouldn't be too difficult with a multi-niche blog. There are authors in many blog niches you could approach and invite as a guest on your blog.
  3. Traffic and readers - With a multiple-topic blog, you're going to attract traffic from all kinds of interests. If traffic is what you're after, of course. That being said, the quality of the traffic will not be as targeted as a single-niche blog.

Now let's look at some of the cons of starting a multi-topic blog.

  1. Authority - It is way more difficult to become an authority on multiple topics because you're covering so many subjects, you will struggle to become an authoritative blogger on anything specific. If your aim is to become an authoritative blogger, don't start a multi-niche blog.
  2. Blog management - It can be harder to manage a multi-topic blog as a solo author. No matter how much time you have on your hands or how organized you are. After a while, trying to manage your multi-topic blog by yourself will become incredibly challenging. You may have to consider bringing in a team of writers together.
  3. Blog revenue - Yep, you might have all the traffic you need, but not all traffic is equal. Quality traffic matters and generally means better conversions. If you're focusing on so many topics, it will be harder to convince visitors to buy from you. Think about it, would you want to buy an eBook about 'healthy eating' from a blog that covers dog grooming topics? Your only option may be to generate revenue through some third-party ads like Google AdSense.

So there you have it. Just a few things to consider when deciding the type of blog you want to create regarding picking a topic or several topics.

One thing you have to consider also, something that I've not talked about, is how you feel about the blog you want to start. In which scenario can you deliver your best?

Consistency is key to any blog's success, so ask yourself, which can you be most consistent in - Starting a single or multi-niche blog?

I hope I've given you something to think about. Again, I've not highlighted all of the pros and cons of following either path. Do some further research if you have to before you decide.

Starting a blog

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