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ATF 008: Five Ways To Improve Your Email Opt-in Landing Page Conversions

Last Updated on September 11, 2020 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

In this week's episode of Above The Fold Podcast, I share with your five top tips for improving your email opt-in landing page conversion rates!

Here's the transcript to this week's episode -


What’s going on guys? Fabrizio Van Marciano here from Magnet4Blogging dot net, welcome to episode 8 of the above the fold podcast show for bloggers, marketers, and solopreneurs.

If you’ve just stumbled upon this show for the first time, a warm welcome and I’m really glad to have you here.

This show is all about me sharing with you all kinds of tips and tricks for improving your blog, from creating passive income to doing marketing and promotion to growing your audience and a whole lot more.

So, here’s what we’re I’m going to be talking about in this week’s episode -

Five ways to improve your email opt-in landing page conversions.

I’m going to share with you some of the things that I’m doing right now to grow my email list quickly, so, if you’re struggling to get more than a few subscribers per day or per week or per month even, hopefully, the five tips in this episode will help you boost your conversions a little bit more.

Before I start, I just want to update you on some news:

I’m currently working on a brand new online course for bloggers called the Ultimate Blog Conversion Rate Optimization Video Course, and it will cover a plethora of ideas, tactics, and strategies that you can use to optimize literally every area of your blog to help you achieve growth and success.

The course will contain 100% unique and original content including videos, of course, and teach you everything there is to know about CRO, and how you can use it to get more subscribers, more affiliate sales, sell more products and drive more clients to your services.

I’ll talk more about the course at the end of this episode, and tell you how you can signup to get notified when the course is available, if you’re interested, of course.

Right then, let us focus on the topic of this episode - Improving your email opt-in landing page conversions. 

So, you may or may not already have your email opt-in page set up ready to rock and roll. If you don’t yet have one, I strongly recommend that you create one, and here are a few reasons why -

  1. Content and SEO - With a dedicated email opt-in page, you can create customized content and improve its SEO.
  2. Measure - With a dedicated email landing page, you can set up goals and track conversions more accurately.
  3. Test - You can create A/B split tests and optimize your leading generation landing page to further improve your conversions.

If you already have an email opt-in page, and you’re struggling to get the conversions that you want, let’s look at some ways in which you can improve it. These will be actionable things you can do right now, OK?

I think the first thing I’ll ask is - Are you incentivizing your email opt-in page? - In other words, what do subscribers get in return for opting in? Asides from a nice weekly email newsletter.

If you are giving something away, what is it? And more importantly, how valuable is your offer?

If you tuned into session six a few weeks back, I talked about the benefits of giving away your BEST eBook or incentive for free. So, before you can start improving the conversion rates of your email landing page, first -

  1. Relevancy - Make sure your email incentives or offers are completely aligned with your goals or your blog. For example, if you have a blog that’s all about BBQs and outdoor cooking, you wouldn’t be giving away a free eBook about how to extend the life of your dishwasher, right? You’d think of something a little more creative like, How to rustle up tasty BBQ sauces from scratch. I’m just making an example here. So yeah, just make sure your incentives are aligned with your blog.
  2. Value - Make sure your email incentives are valuable - Sure, it might be free, but it still needs to be super valuable and contain something that your subscribers will find super useful. And if you’re wondering how do you give away such value for free, the answer is easy. Look at what other bloggers in similar niches to yours are selling at a premium, and create your own version of that product and give it away for nothing! If it’s an eBook then that’s super easy. But, word of warning, don't just blatantly copy, that’s not the idea.

OK, let’s assume you have a great freebie or incentive to give away to your new subscribers, and your email opt-in page is on cue. The next question is -

How much traffic are you driving to your email landing page right now?

Because if you’re not getting that much traffic, then that’s going to affect your conversion rates, obviously, it’s not rocket science.

So just make sure you’re promoting your email landing page frequently.

Here are a few ideas of what you could do -

  1. Link to it from your blog posts - Perhaps you can add a CTA at the bottom, or even create some custom graphics to add in-between the content of your posts.
  2. Link from your main menu - Add a link to your email landing page in the navigation area of your blog. Like I have on my blog at Magnet4Blogging.
  3. Promote regularly - Regularly promote your landing page on social media, and dare I say it, consider creating some custom ads on Facebook even. It doesn’t cost much to post up a few targeted ads on Facebook these days.
  4. If you are creating videos and podcasts, of course, this goes without saying, don’t forget to mention your email landing page URL and call-to-action in those too.

Right then, hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas and inspiration to get started, but we’re not done yet. Let me share with you five things that I’m doing right now that’s helping me to improve the conversions of my email opt-in landing page over on my blog.

  1. Speed - The most critical thing you need to ask yourself is how long does it take for your email opt-in landing page to load? Hopefully, it’s around 2 seconds or less, otherwise, you can kiss goodbye to your conversions. Seriously, even a one-second delay in page load can lead to a 7% loss in conversions. Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/page-load-time-conversion-rates. Test your email landing page loading time using something like the Kingdom tool, or GT Metrix and I’ll link to both those tools in the show notes of this episode.
  2. Headline - How effective is the headline of your email landing page? If it’s not informative or worst, if it’s uninspiring, this is going to impact your conversions and not in a good way. Can you improve it in any way? There are some great tools out there that you can use to analyze your headline. One of my favorites is CoSchedule’s headline analyzer (Link: https://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer/r/o736637 (Affiliate link). I’ll be sure to link to it in the show notes.
  3. Mobile - Is your email landing page mobile responsive? Did you know that according to TechJuryhttps://techjury.net/blog/landing-page-statistics/#gref only half of the landing pages are optimized for mobile devices?
  4. Video - I can’t begin to tell you how including a video in your email landing page can dramatically improve your conversions. In fact, it is said that conversions can be improved by a whopping 86%. It doesn’t have to be fancy or overly-done, just create a two or three-minute video that will inform, educate, and inspire people to subscribe, That’s all you need to do.
  5. Testing - Finally, test, test, test. You’re never going to know for sure how much better your conversions could be if you don’t test. You can test pretty much any part of a landing page, from the heading to the copy to the call to action button, etc. And it really isn’t that hard to do either. There are plenty of tools that can help you test your email landing page. A simple one to use is CrazyEgg. But if you used something like, Thrive Architect to create your email page, then you may know that there is an awesome add-on plugin called Thrive Optimize that will allow you to do-simple A/B testing and give you a bunch of metrics and data to use. Now, this is not a free tool, it comes at a premium unless you’re already a Thrive Themes member (Affiliate link). Either way, I’ll include a link in the show notes to Thrive Architect, Optimize, and the Membership too if you want to check it out. The bottom line is if you want to reduce the bounce rate of your landing page and increase your conversions quicker, you’ve got to test!

OK, so that’s all I have for you in this episode. Of course, there’s so much more you can do to improve your landing page conversions. If you want to learn what these are, then as I mentioned at the start of this episode: I’m soon going to be launching my brand new conversion course for bloggers. If you’re interested, then go to magnet4blogging.net/cro-course. Signup and as soon as the course is launched, I’ll notify you by email.

So, I hope you’ve found this episode useful and valuable, and all the rest of it. If you enjoyed listening, please consider leaving me a short review over on iTunes and maybe even subscribe to future episodes. If you want to get more blogging and online business tips, check out my blog at magnet4blogging.net. You can also find me on YouTube and Instagram, @vanmarciano. That’s it, I’m signing off, I’ll speak to you soon in the next episode. But until then, take care and peace.

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  5. Neewer NW-3000 Monitoring Headphones (Affiliate link)

Software / Tools / Resources

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