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6 Best SEMrush Alternatives For Bloggers And Marketers

Last Updated on May 2, 2021 by Fabrizio Van Marciano
6 Best SEMrush Alternatives For Bloggers And Marketers

Looking for some SEMrush alternatives? You're in the right place. In this post, we'll take a closer look at six of the best alternatives to the popular but ridiculously expensive search engine marketing tool, SEMrush. Let's dive in.

There's no denying it, SEMrush is one of the best digital marketing and competition analysis tools in the business. I've used it for many years on and off myself.

That said, there's one downfall with SEMrush, it's not cheap. In fact, it's as far removed from being affordable for a lot of bloggers and marketers as can be. The starting price of SEMrush is $99 per month, and that's if you pay monthly.

Here in the UK, SEMrush works out a lot more expensive. With the VAT added on, it's around $120 per month!

Before we dive into the alternatives, let's first look at why SEMrush is considered one of the best in the business and what it has to offer bloggers and marketers.

What is SEMrush?

So in case you're new to digital marketing software, SEMrush is an all-in-one, web-based, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, competitor research, analysis platform. It is used by millions of marketing professionals all over the world. Yes, it's freaking expensive, but it still remains one of my favorite SEO tools for growth.

Why is it popular amongst bloggers and marketers?

SEMrush features a myriad of tools that are invaluable to bloggers and marketers. Whatever your goal or interest might be, SEMrush can help you work towards reaching them.

Best SEMrush alternatives for bloggers and marketers.

SEMrush can help bloggers and website owners to improve on-page SEO, build high-quality backlinks, and maintain a healthy backlink profile. Improve website performance, and help bloggers develop high-traffic and profitable blog post topic ideas and more.

Here's what you can access as a paying customer of SEMrush -


  1. On-page SEO tools for auditing your SEO, backlinks, content, and generating post ideas based on keyword suggestions.
  2. Keyword research tool.
  3. Link building tools.
  4. Rank tracking and competitor analysis to help you improve your website or blog traffic by analyzing and mimicking your competitor's strategies.


  1. Content creation and distribution platform.
  2. Content optimization tools, plus tips on how to optimize your existing content.
  3. Content marketing analytics.

Asides from being an all-in-one SEO tool, SEMrush also features a Social Media Toolkit that comes with social media poster and tracker tools.

Other notable features include -

  1. Project management - This is where you can create multiple projects for each of your websites or blogs.
  2. Domain and keyword analytics.
  3. Lead generation tool, and more.

Note: I've not completely listed all of the tools, features, and options of SEMrush here, only the few that are widely used by bloggers.

So, what's wrong with SEMrush if it's so invaluable to bloggers?

As I mentioned, all of these tools and features in SEMrush are invaluable. I've used a few of them myself, especially the backlink auditing tools, which I love. But the problem is not with the tools; it's with the price.

SEMrush is freaking expensive, there are no two ways about it. Take a look at their pricing structure below -

Unless you have a blog or small business that turns over enough revenue to warrant paying over $1,200+ per year on SEO tools, then you're not going to be able to make much of such tools.

And let's be honest, these tools can only be valuable if you actually put them to good use, right?

Most startups and bloggers aren't going to be able to pay those kinds of prices. So, here are some best SEMrush alternatives to consider.

Now, it's only fair that I should mention that not all of these tools will be as comprehensive and complex as SEMrush, but even if you end up signing up for a few of them to make up all the options SEMrush has to offer, you should still be able to save some money.

  1. Ubersuggest (Recommended).
  2. Unamo.
  3. Monitor Backlinks.
  4. Serpstat.
  5. Mangools.
  6. SpyFu.

Let's take a closer look at each of these SEMrush alternatives!

1. UberSuggest (Recommended)

UberSuggest is my top recommended and best SEMrush alternative out of them all! It might not be as comprehensive as SEMrush, but the price is certainly more appealing to bloggers, in my opinion.

Standout features of UberSuggest

The UberSuggerst tool has certainly gotten better and smarter over time. It now comes with a plethora of features. Asides from the regular tools to help you find keyword and content ideas, you can access traffic and SEO analyzer tools.

Traffic analyzer lets you view your site's top pages, backlinks, and social shares, as well as top-performing keywords. The SEO analyzer lets you complete a website audit and monitor your backlinks.

The backlinks feature under SEO Analyzer provides detailed information such as domain score, backlinks (inc nofollow), referring domains, etc. However, what is lacking is an indicator or filter that tells you what links are considered good and what are toxic. This is a feature well regarded in SEMrush!

I should mention that premium members of Ubersuggest get access to a step-by-step SEO training course - perfect for starter bloggers, templates and worksheets, bi-weekly coaching, and a Q&A call.

How much does UberSuggest cost to use?

When it comes to value-for-money, Ubersuggest wins hands-down. The platform offers a myriad of website SEO insights and metrics.

There are three pricing plans with two payment options. You have the Individual Plan, which costs £29 per month ($37) or £290 for lifetime access ($380). Next up is the Business Plan at £49 per month or £490 for lifetime access. Last you have the Enterprise Plan at £99 per month or £990 for lifetime access.

These prices are correct at the time of publishing this post. The option to pay for lifetime access is a pretty big deal, I think. This makes Ubersuggest incredibly competitive when you think how much SEMrush charges per month for their lower-tier plan (Pro).

2. Unamo

You may not have come across this one before, as it's not widely popular amongst bloggers. However, I'm familiar with Unamo because it was previously called Positionly.

Unamo's user interface is clean and attractive. Usability is definitely something to admire with their platform.

Unamo doesn't provide all of the tools like Ubersuggest or SEMrush even, but they do offer two kinds of services -

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Monitoring.

Standout features of Unamo

Unamo's SEO tool features -

  1. Traffic monitoring (Link with Google Analytics).
  2. Competition tracking.
  3. Local and global SEO tracking.
  4. SERP tracking.
  5. Keywords to URLs mapping.
  6. Unlimited domains, campaigns, alerts, reports, and users.
  7. On-page optimization check.

What's missing is a backlink monitoring tool.

Unamo's SMM tool features -

  1. Real-time updates.
  2. In-depth mention analysis.
  3. Historical data.
  4. Advanced reporting.
  5. Reach and interactions, and more.

How much does Unamo cost?

Now, if you just want to use Unamo's SEO tools, plans start from just $19 per month. If you combine this with their Social Media Monitoring tools, which is another $19 per month, you're only paying $38 per month.

3. Monitor Backlinks

Next on our list is Monitor Backlinks. I came across Monitor Backlinks way back in 2013, I believe. It's one of the best SEO analysis tools on the web for monitoring your website's backlink profile, as well as keywords.

What's the big deal about that then?

Well, to increase your search engine organic traffic, you're going to need to build a healthy backlink profile. This is where Monitor Backlinks comes in.

As I mentioned, in addition to being a really powerful backlink tool, Monitor Backlinks allows you to track your website's keywords rankings and changes. All your SEO analysis in one place. Sounds great, right?

What are the standout features?

Features include -

  1. Overview user-interface.
  2. Backlinks analysis.
  3. Reporting.
  4. Competitor analysis.
  5. Keywords tracking.
  6. Disavow tool.

How much does Monitor Backlinks cost?

Monitor Backlinks has several basic and advanced plans available to meet your SEO needs. The pricing structure is a bit of a headache. However, for the sake of keeping things simple, we'll just look at three plans.

Start Plan - Price starts from $16.50 per month for 1 monitored domain, 2,500 links, 50 keywords, and 2,000 daily rows.

Plus Plan - Price starts from $28.42 per month for 2 monitored domains, 12,500 links, 200 keywords, and 4,000 daily rows.

Pro Plan - Price starts from $53.93 per month for 4 monitored domains, 25,000 links, 400 keywords, and 8,000 daily rows.

4. Serpstat

Do any of these SEMrush alternatives take your fancy so far? Well, next on our list is a tool that's not as expensive as SEMrush, but not cheap either.

Serpstat is an all in one SEO growth hacking platform for professional marketers and bloggers. The site was founded in 2013 as a keyword research tool only. In 2016, Serpstat transformed into a full-blown digital marketing platform. Their tools are used by top brands like Lenovo and L'Oréal.

What are the main features of Serpstat?

Features include -

  1. Rank tracking.
  2. Keyword research.
  3. Website analysis.
  4. PPC research.
  5. Site audit.
  6. Backlink analysis.
  7. Website SEO Checker.
  8. API integration, and more.

How much does Serpstat cost?

Serpstat has four main plans to choose from. Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

We'll focus on the Lite plan for now, which will set you back $69 per month, or $55 per month billed annually. As I said, it's not as expensive as SEMrush; however, not the cheapest option either. This plan is designed for individual SEO experts, bloggers, and freelancers.

For the Lite Plan, you can analyze up to 4,000 keyword and domain queries per day, 500 backlinks per day, and track rank position up to 15K times per month, and more.

5. Mangools

Mangools offer some seriously juicy and affordable SEO tools for both bloggers and individual marketers. It's not the most complete SEMrush alternative, either. But for what it is, this tool offers quite a variety of features which includes -

  1. Beautiful, easy-to-use UI.
  2. Keyword finder.
  3. SERP Checker.
  4. Rank tracking.
  5. Backlink analysis.
  6. A vast library of learning materials and resources (Guides and SEOpedia)

Mangools boasts an attractive and simple-to-use UI and dashboard, the best I've seen on a digital marketing platform. The metrics and data are plentiful to keep you busy for weeks!

How much does Mangools cost?

Mangools offer three plans – Basic, Premium, and Agency. Prices start at 29.90 Euros.

6. SpyFu

Last but not least is SpyFu. SpyFu is a fantastic website tool for researching and analyzing your own and competitor keywords. You can also use the SpyFu platform to monitor inbound links, rankings history, top organic competitors, and more.

What are the standout features?

  1. PPC competitor research tools.
  2. SEO competitor research tools.
  3. Keyword research.

How much does SpyFu cost to use?

SpyFu offers three plans to choose from – Basic at $33 per month, professional at $58 per month, and Team at $199 per month. All these are annual plans. If you pay monthly, it's slightly more.

SEMrush Alternatives: Wrapping up!

Well, there you have it! Six almost perfect alternative SEO and digital marketing platform alternatives to SEMrush. Which will you check out and use?

Before you decide, just keep in mind that each of the platforms mentioned in this post will offer their own set of metrics, data, and analytics. Choosing the right marketing platform will depend on your goals as a blogger or marketer.

Whilst SEMrush has a lot to offer and might be the complete solution for most bloggers and marketers, regardless of what alternative platform you choose, you're going to be able to take your marketing, SEO, and social media to the next level of growth and success and save yourself some money.

One idea is to combine two platforms. For instance, you could use something like UberSuggest SEO tools with Unamo's Social Monitoring tools. You would still be keeping it under $50, more or less, for both tools and have access to most features that SEMrush has to offer.

Or, if you really need to use SEMrush for whatever reason, and the cost doesn't bother you whatsoever, then give it a try for 14-days cost-free! Whatever you decided to do, best of luck with it all.

Over to you!

Let me know your thoughts on any of the platforms mentioned above? Which one do you use, and what experiences have you had? Leave me a comment below.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to SEMrush and other related digital marketing platforms. This means if you click on one of these affiliate links to make a purchase of one of these services, I will be paid a small commission, at no additional cost to you!

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