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PremiumPress Review 2019: Great Looking Themes For Businesses

Last Updated on December 30, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

It's time for another premium WordPress theme review, and this time, I have the pleasure of shining the light on what used to be one of my favorite premium WordPress theme builders, PremiumPress Themes!

Used to be? What on earth can I possibly mean by that?

Just keep reading:

WordPress is a wonderful platform for building websites with, that's why so many folks and businesses love to use it.

Personally, I couldn't see myself using any other platform other than WordPress, how about you?

If you've never heard of WordPress, I' d be quite surprised, but you may well be starting out online for the first time.

If that is the case, I recommend you check out my step-by-step guide on starting a WordPress website for your business here.

If you're not completely sure what type of niche or business you want to venture into, then you're going to, hopefully, find this review of PremiumPress themes somewhat useful, or not.

About PremiumPress Themes

PremiumPress was founded and developed by Mark Fail back in 2010.

At the time of updating this review in 2018, the company claims they are serving over 30,000 customers and small businesses worldwide.

They offer premium quality WordPress themes to suit almost any type of online business niche.

So, whether you're into eCommerce, or want to build your own auction site, or discount coupon website.

Or, perhaps create your own video sharing community site like Vimeo or YouTube, it's all possible with a PremiumPress theme, right?


Customization options

In the past, I've enjoyed working on client projects using PremiumPress themes, they're simple enough to set up.

Customization options are good, but far from the best.

Of course, adding content, uploading a custom logo, and making simple changes to a PremiumPress theme has always been relatively easy.

You can also change the child theme to a pre-designed template that comes with your PremiumPress theme if you wish.

Each theme comes with easy design options under settings. Options include -

  • Homepage settings
  • Color Customizer
  • Menu settings
  • Website category
  • Widgets
  • Child theme options

Again, I should also add that design options like these come with most premium quality WordPress themes.

Thrive Themes, for example, offer a greater level of theme design customization options, including a Custom CSS sandbox.

Anyhow, unfortunately, however, the one vital ingredient lacking to make PremiumPress half-decent and that is a rock-solid technical support team.

We'll get to that a bit later on in the review.

What kind of themes does PremiumPress have to offer?

PremiumPress offer 13 primary theme packages for specific online business niches and a host of child themes that you get free when you signup to their All Themes Package.

Here is a quick list of their theme packages currently available -

By the way, all of the themes from PremiumPress are mobile responsive. Again if you're new to all of this, this simply means they're optimized to look good on all mobile devices.

  1. Online dating WordPress theme.
  2. Directory theme.
  3. Coupons and deals theme.
  4. Rea estate theme.
  5. Auction site theme.
  6. Classifieds theme.
  7. Job board theme.
  8. Shopping cart theme.
  9. Micro jobs theme.
  10. Video theme.
  11. Price comparison theme.
  12. Car dealer theme.
  13. Stock photography theme.

So, that was a quick run through of the themes PremiumPress have to offer, and as you can see there is a theme for almost every business venture imaginable.

As a reminder, these themes work with WordPress hosted websites only, not WordPress.com sites. You can start a WordPress hosted site here if you need to create one.

Now, let's look at some of the reasons why you might want to consider using a PremiumPress theme for your next project, and some of the reasons why you might NOT.

Why build your business website with PremiumPress?

A couple of quick things I'd like to highlight first -

Yes, the themes are kind of affordable, they won't break the bank at $79 per theme package or $249 for All Themes.

All of the themes are optimized for SEO and look great on mobile devices (responsive design).

PremiumPress have an active community forum, the support, and management team, however, is another story altogether. Again, I'll talk more about that shortly.

As a PremiumPress customer, you get access to video tutorials, guides, and all the rest of it via their website.

Customer and technical support

Having worked with a number of client projects using PremiumPress in the past, I must be honest, I've not heard many great stories when it comes to the company's attitude towards customer loyalty and support.

Personally, I've only ever contacted their support team twice in the last five years and on both occasions they seemed reasonably helpful.

That being said, I came across this review of PremiumPress's reliability recently and was quite stunned by what some of their customers had to say.

Whether that review is legitimate, it's hard to say.

Pros and Cons

Let's first look at the Pros.

  1. Affordable themes because of the low price and one-time fee across all price plans.
  2. Good choice of themes to choose from.
  3. Good customization options but lacking advanced options like a Custom CSS editor.
  4. Mobile responsive design with latest HTML5 markup.
  5. Optimised for search engines with onboard SEO tools.
  6. Free updates (Apparently).

Now, what about the Cons?

  1. Nice theme designs but can be buggy at times.
  2. Not the best customer or technical support.
  3. I've heard that older and loyal customers have to pay an additional fee to upgrade to a mobile-responsive version of their theme.

What is the alternative?

OK, so thankfully, if PremiumPress doesn't cut it for you, there's plenty of other options out there for you to consider.

You can pretty much achieve creating any type of website using any of the other premium themes for WordPress, such as Thrive Themes or Genesis Theme Framework.

You can check out my comparison review of those two themes mentioned above here.

The other alternative is to find an ideal theme you'd like for your niche website from Template Monster.

Whatever you decide, I want to wish you the best of luck.

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