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5 Best WordPress Plugins For Displaying Post Views Stats

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Displaying Post Views Stats

Struggling to find a good solution for displaying post views stats on your WordPress blog? No need to look any further. Check out these five great plugins.

WordPress plugins are awesome for expanding and adding functionality to your WordPress blog. Some plugins are complex and packed with every feature known to man, while others are lightweight and do a simple job.

A great way to show off your most popular blog posts is to display post views stats. You can do this by using a plugin. Now, these come in all shapes and sizes. Some plugins show counts on both the front and back end of websites, and some come with a host of additional features.

The five plugins we're going to look at below each offer something unique. Whether you're looking for a simple solution to display page views on the front-end of your blog posts or a full-blown traffic stats tracker.

Here's the list -

  1. Page View Count by A3Rev Software
  2. Post Views Counter by Digital Factory
  3. WordPress Popular Posts by Hector Cabrera
  4. Advanced Page Visit Counter by Ankit Panchal
  5. Visitor Traffic Real-Time Statistics by wp-buy
  6. Manual integration without a plugin?

Let's take a closer look at each on of these plugins below.

1. Page View Count by A3Rev Software

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Displaying Post Views Stats

First on our list is this nifty counter plugin by A3REV Software. The plugin is designed to give your readers valuable feedback on the popularity of your blog posts. On the front end, you get a nice icon that displays the view count, which can be placed above or below your blog posts and pages.

Features include -

  • Ability to show or hide page view count on individual posts and pages.
  • Show total views and daily views.
  • Counter position placement.
  • Customize the color and size of the icon.
  • Add counter using the widget.
  • Add counter using shortcode, and more.

Does this plugin sound useful for you?

2. Post Views by Digital Factory

If you're looking for a simple, no gimmick visitor counter plugin, then look no further than Digital Factory's popular plugin with more than 100,000 active installations. Digital Factory specializes in high-quality plugin development. Their post views plugins features -

  • Post type selection.
  • Ability to exclude visitors.
  • Exclude IPs.
  • Post views collect via PHP or Java.
  • Sortable admin column.
  • Adjust post views display position.
  • Compatibility with W3 Cache/WP SuperCache and more.

3. WordPress Popular Posts by Hector Cabrera

OK, so this isn't just a plugin to display visitor counts, although it does this in the backend very well. This plugin will help you display your blog's most popular posts in a widget, including thumbnails, links, and more. The main features included are -

  • Multi-widget capabilities (You can create more than one widget with unique settings).
  • Statistics dashboard in the admin area.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Time range.
  • Sorting options, and more

4. Advanced Page Visit Counter by Ankit Panchal

This plugin is my favorite out of the five listed here. Advanced Page Visit Counter is a highly customizable front and back-end counter with a ton of options. Features include - (Not all features available in the free version).

  • Front-end and back-end counter display.
  • Reporting.
  • Advanced filter.
  • Visibility options.
  • Labels and icons.
  • Shortcode implementation.
  • Page visit counter settings, and more.

5. Visitor Traffic Real-Time Statistics by WP-BUY

OK, so last on our list is WP-Buy's real-time visitor stats plugin. This plugin won't only display the number of visits but detailed stats about your posts and page traffic and popularity right inside your dashboard.

There is a free and premium version of this plugin so not all of the features below will be included in the free plugin -

  • Comprehensive overview dashboard.
  • View visits and visitors in the last two weeks.
  • Weekly statistics overview.
  • Search engine queries visits.
  • Browser stats.
  • Visitors source.
  • Top referring sites and more.

5. Manual integration without using a plugin

OK, so we've looked at five of the best visitor counter plugins, but sometimes adding a plugin is not always the best solution. If you don't want to rely on a plugin for adding a visitor counter to your blog, the alternative is to hard-code the feature into your theme manually. If you're savvy with WordPress or know a developer that can do this for you, check out this post by Parvez Akther.

OK, so that is it - it's a wrap! A short but hopefully useful post for you. Whichever plugin or solution you end up using for adding a visitor counter to your WordPress blog, I want to wish you the best of luck.

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