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OSI Affiliate Marketing Software 20% Lifetime Discount For Bloggers And Marketers

Have you got a brand new product you're about to launch? Need to set up some kind of affiliate referral program so that you can drive up sales with your team of trusted referrals? Have you heard of OSI Affiliate by Omnistar?

Face it, if you are a blogger or marketer launching a new product or service, there's no greater tactic than to let others promote that product or service for you.

Don't believe me? Well, here's an interesting statistic for you -


A good while back, I published a post sharing my top five best affiliate tracking management software for bloggers and marketers. If you want to check that post out, you can do so here.

Among my list of top suggestions was OSI Affiliate by Omnistar. Now, I've been using OSI Affiliate on and off for a number of years. I've also happily recommended them here on Magnet4Blogging, because, for the most part, I love their tool.

Omnistar products are used by over 16,000 customers from around the world. Their OSI Affiliate management software offers a powerful suite of tools for growing your business with the power of referral marketing.

Key features include -

  1. The ability to create an affiliate program for both your online store and offline store, if you have one.
  2. Unlimited reward options for your product promoters (affiliates).
  3. Use of your own domain for consistent branding.

So, using this tool in your referral marketing strategy will essentially help to solve a number of problems right away.

Firstly, it's not all about doing business online, right?

You can use 'word of mouth marketing', for example, to help you encourage more customers to your business, saving you money on costly and often ineffective advertising.

Secondly, unlimited reward options mean you can set whatever commission you like for your product ambassadors. Perhaps your top-performing promoters can earn more rewards.

Other notable tools include -

  • Social share widget.
  • Auto signup
  • Smart rewards
  • Popups and forms to grow your email list, complete with email templates
  • Partnership automation
  • Customizable coupons and discounts
  • Exporting
  • Reporting tools and performance stats and more...


Now when it comes to the cost of using the OSI Affiliate software, it can get quite expensive.

There are 3 plans to choose from - Basic, Professional, and Premium. Take a look below.

The very basic plan will set you back $47 per month, not cheap, right? But if you're a solo blogger launching a product that you want others to help promote for you, depending on the value of your product, you should be able to make that $47 back each month.

There is also a Pro plan at $97 per month, and a premium plan at $247 per month.

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The good and the bad

Of course, there are always good points and bad points when it comes to any kind of online software or application. So, here's what I've found.

The Pros:

  • Simple to set up and use for both online and offline store
  • Clean and intuitive user-interface
  • A wide variety of promotional tools, including ready-to-use email templates, discount codes, and coupons
  • Administration management tools
  • Referral partner dashboard
  • Commissions and payout options
  • Around the clock support (Live Chat, Phone support, and knowledgebase)
  • Free setup and help, if you need it

The Cons:

  • Quite pricey, even for a basic plan which will set you back almost $50 per month. This could be quite a commitment for some bloggers and marketers launching low-cost, minimum viable products or services.

Comparing OSI Affiliate with other solutions

I wrote a detailed post revealing alternative platforms and solutions if you want to check it out here.

If you can justify paying the monthly premium, OSI Affiliate is fun and easy to use with plenty of powerful marketing tools and features for your referral marketing campaigns.

Once again, Magnet4Blogging readers can save 20% off the monthly plans, so don't miss out!

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