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4 New Thrive Architect Landing Page Templates For September

Last Updated on October 8, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

We've just updated our Thrive Architect landing page template store with new templates.

So, last few weeks, we've been busy getting our Thrive Architect landing page template store revamped. You can take a peep here if you like.

In addition, we've also added some brand new templates for you.

We're planning on adding around 3 or 4 new templates each week until the end of this year, so keep a close eye out for them.

These templates were designed and built using Thrive Architect, so you'll need to have this plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website for them to work.

Let's take a look below at the newly added templates -

1. Consultancy Homepage Template

This is a complete redesign from the previous consultancy template we had in our store.

The new template design features -

  • A beautiful full-width, conversion focused, hero section with a call-to-action placed above the fold.
  • A section for your sponsors or vendor graphics.
  • A complete redesign of the 'services we provide' area.
  • Testimonials section.
  • Webinar or exclusive video content signup section.
  • Follow me on social media footer area.

If you are a business consultant looking for the perfect homepage template that you can customize to your preference, this would suit you.

Click here for live demo and more details.

2. Author eBook Sales Landing Page Template

Brand new to our Thrive Architect template store is this beautifully designed sales landing page that will make your eBook truly stand out.

Sales landing pages is one of my favorite templates to actually design and I've tried to keep this clean and bold.

This template features -

  • Well placed primary call-to-action (Buy Now Button) above the fold.
  • 3-column layout with 6 areas to add important features about your eBook.
  • Testimonials section.
  • About the author section.
  • Call-to-action footer section.

Again, every aspect of this design and layout can be modified and customized to match the style of your website in Thrive Architect.

Click here to view a live demo of this template and to learn more.

3. Modern eBook Sales Landing Page Template

This is another beautiful sales landing page design you can use to promote your eBook.

Now, with this template, I've added a few more options to save you time having to create them yourself.

The layout is clean, modern, and fresh with plenty of space between each element.

All of the templates we create are optimized for conversions you'll be happy to know.

Template features -

  • Call-to-action with a headline, description, and image placeholder for your eBook above the fold.
  • 3-column section to highlight the main features of your eBook.
  • Section for a video trailer, with secondary call-to-action.
  • 2-column layout for your testimonials.
  • About the author video section.
  • Social proof, sponsorship section.
  • Call-to-action footer area with image placeholder for your eBook.

Click here to learn more and view a live demo of this template.

4. Modern Blog-Style Homepage Template

The last new template we've added for you this month is a homepage template for your blog.

I've always believed that blogs should use a custom home landing page and not a default page displaying the latest blog posts only.

With a custom homepage, bloggers have greater control over content, SEO, conversion goals, etc.

So, here's what this template features -

  • Huge hero-section with a headline and call-to-action buttons. The background image can be changed to something more personal, obviously.
  • Vendor graphics or 'As Seen On' section.
  • Blog-style layout for your best content, complete social share buttons.
  • Sidebar area where you can add the 'Post-Grid' element in Thrive Architect to display your latest post. (Watch the Post-Grid tutorial video).
  • Social proof pre-footer page section.
  • 3-column footer area for your important links.

Click here to learn more about this template and to take it for a test drive.

It's a wrap now, but more is coming soon

So, that's all we have template wise for you this month, we'll definitely be back in October to delight you with a host of new templates to feast your eyes on.

For now, though, I hope these templates will come to great use for you.

As a final reminder, these templates will work with WordPress self-hosted websites, not WordPress.com free sites. You will also need the Thrive Architect plugin installed and activated which you can learn more about here.

Custom template design

Just a final note, if you're looking for a unique landing page template design to meet your marketing goal or conversion goal, get in touch with me with your ideas and I'd be more than happy to help you create something special.

Best of luck.

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