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How To Motivate Yourself In Blogging (4 Simple Action Tips)

Last Updated on February 19, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever woken up and felt so unmotivated and uninspired that you just didn't want to do anything?

Of course, you have. It's human nature to feel like that sometimes, right?

Unless, of course, you feel like that every time.

Anyhow, one of the most common obstacles that bloggers face today, whether they've been blogging for a few months or have been doing it for a few years, is the uninspired feeling of not wanting to blog.

Throughout a blogger's journey, there are many things that can make him or her feel low and unmotivated.

Although it is more apparent in newbies, even seasoned, persistent, and determined bloggers can sometimes feel low.

It's something that slowly creeps up on you until something eventually snaps.

I went through a spell of feeling demotivated several times in my blogging life. The last spell lasted for almost three months and was largely due to the fact I was going through some pretty tough times in my personal life.

Ways in which to inspire yourself to blog

The key is finding ways to remain motivated and inspired every single day and to continue working to reach your blogging goals, and ultimately finding success as a blogger.

I know what you're thinking. Much easier said than done, Fabz! Right?

I know it's not easy, but there are things you can do to help yourself.

So, without wasting any more of your precious time, let's look at four simple but effective ways to motivate yourself in blogging right now.

#1. What is your purpose in blogging?

Before you do anything more with your blog, answer the following question:

Why are you blogging?

If you answered: "Well because I want to make money", understand this:

Making money from blogging the 'result' or byproduct of building your blog. Almost every blogger wants to make money from blogging.

To really answer the question of why do you blog, you really need to understand what drives you to want to blog.

Think about why you started blogging in the first place if that helps at all.

See if you can answer the following additional questions.

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What is your purpose as a blogger and why should anyone care about that purpose?
  3. What makes you so different from the other bloggers out there?

Grab a pen and paper and spend a few minutes trying to figure out some of the answers to those questions above.

When people ask me, 'Hey, Fabrizio! Why do you do this blogging thing?'

I usually respond with the following:

“I'm passionate about trying to help as many folks as possible to build, market, and promote successful blogs and websites."

Task: Remind yourself why you started blogging in the first place. Think about how keen and excited you were, and then try and get that feeling back.

#2. Do something that inspires you!

Motivation comes when you do inspiring things. Not when you sit about moping, feeling sorry for yourself.

So, instead of battling with yourself trying to get inspired to work on your blog, or to write your next blog post, do something else entirely.

It could be anything at all; washing the car, going off for a nice walk, listening to music, watching "how to" videos on YouTube even.

A few months back I hit a bit of a wall when I was thinking about a topic to write about for my blog. I just wasn't feeling it one day.

So, instead of sitting in front of my computer aimlessly staring at a blank screen, fighting with myself, I decided I would do something else entirely and totally blitz my office to have a good old clear out.

Doing just that inspired me to write a really great post that resonated with so many folks, and you can read that post here.

Task: Do something that will inspire you to do blogging. It doesn't matter what it is. Just do it!

Find What Motivates You, Then Use It To Reach Your Goals

#3. Set realistic blogging goals, then crush them...

This is no doubt one of the biggest reason's why a lot of folks get low and uninspired to blog.

Not setting goals means you cannot make progress, nor can you check on what progress you might actually be making.

If you want to move forward with your blog you simply have to create some small and realistic goals to work towards.

It helps if you know exactly what you want from blogging, which brings us back to point one: Why do you blog?

But setting goals doesn't just help you to make and monitor progress and growth. It also helps you to stay motivated and focused.

Think about when you complete one of your goals, how amazing is that feeling. It inspires you to want to do more, right?

So, get out there and create some goals, then crush them!

If you're unsure where to start with setting goals for your blog, these 117 goal setting tips by my good friend Tor Refsland should get your juices flowing.

Task: Set some weekly goals that you can reach without too much effort, then crush them one by one! Baby steps always amount to big progress over time.

#4. Don't be a loner!

What I mean by this is don't walk the blogging road by yourself and expect to stay the course.

Make a few friends along the way and connect with other like minded bloggers in your niche, especially if you're new and you want to get the word around about your blog and your awesome content.

Sometimes when I've been feeling down and out, a simple "word of encouragement" from one of my blogging friends is all it takes to fire me back up again.

So my advice to you is to make friends, connect with your readers, show your support and help people within your community from time to time.

I guarantee you that many of them will be there, ready and willing to support and encourage you when you need them the most.

Task: Build a supportive network around your blog. This is not a quick process by any means, but start making those important connections now.

If you already have a community, don't be afraid to reach out to a few folks and ask for help and support.

Wrapping it all up

Blogging has changed my life, it really has.

It has changed my thought process and has helped me to improve many areas of myself and my life.

However, without the right motivation and mindset, I would NOT be where I am today in blogging, and that's me being totally honest with you.

Motivation is one of the most critical ingredients to making progress, moving forward and reaching your goals in blogging.

Allowing yourself to become unmotivated or uninspired to blog can lead you down the path to blogging failure. I know this because I've been down that path many times before.

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