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Measure Your Success By Your Conversion Rate, Not Hits #Shortpost

Last Updated on April 15, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Is it me or are a lot of bloggers, marketers and online business owners obsessed by how many hits they can get to their website?

It's all about the 'hits' right? That's where the money is, you must focus on nothing else but increasing those hits.


I check my Google Analytics no more than a few times each week. The rest of the time I'm spending being productive, creating problem solving content for my target audience, and providing design and marketing services to my clients.

I'm trying to be the person of value.

If you are driven by the number of ‘hits’ your website can get, think about this logically.

What good is it having, or trying to get, all the hits in the world if currently:

  • No one is opting into your email newsletter.
  • No one is buying into your services.
  • No one is buying into the affiliate offers, products and services you’re promoting.
  • No one is buying into YOUR products, eBooks, courses etc.

Measuring your success by how much you can increase your website or blog traffic? Well that's a bit of a waste of time in my opinion. Unless of course you have the conversions to match.

But if you're not converting your traffic, it's time to STOP.

Work more towards getting your existing visitors to convert more into leads, sales or what ever else you want. To me that makes good business sense.

If you're unable to convert your traffic, then you need to think about who your target audience really is.

Your website can have all the traffic in the world, but if your bottom line doesn't reflect on this, then you’re doing business the WRONG way.

Unless of course you're not trying to run a business, in which case please forgive me and stop reading this post now.

For the majority of us who are trying to build a business with our websites or blogs, the message is very clear here.

Focus on increasing your conversions now, and measure your success by the number of subscribers, leads and sales you are making, not by the number "hits", page views or what ever other metrics your site is generating.

Focus on your:

  1. Website design and layout and usability.
  2. Messaging.
  3. Content.
  4. How much value you are actually creating.
  5. Building relationships with your "target" audience.
  6. Listening and learning about their problems.

Enough said.

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