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How to Effectively Enhance Your Content Using Marketing Automation

Last Updated on March 31, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

In this post, we'll look at 7 essential 'need-to-know' tips on how to exponentially enhance your content using marketing automation

If there’s one weapon that your business blog should be using in the war on marketing, it’s content.

In most cases, it’s the 'be all and end all' that will define your success.

In the event that your business can create a viral piece of content, your business could go from, a rather unknown business, to a household name overnight.

Seriously, it can happen.

The possibilities are endless, but, in order to secure this success, it’s vital that the content you’re producing sits in line with your overall marketing strategy.

Deviate from this and your customers and readers will simply get confused. However, using automation, you can make sure that you stay on the right tracks.

Not sure where to begin?

Well, here are seven crucial tips and tricks you can use to enhance your existing and future content using marketing automation practices. Get ready to take your blog to the next level of success!

Let's begin.

1. Build your foundations using scores

Analysing the performance of your existing content is so important to your success.

Without knowing what your highest performing content is, or your lowest, it’s impossible to be sure what your readers love and what they want to see more of.

Fortunately, this can be easily done using a scoring system, made possible using automation software like Marketo or HubSpot, which can highlight your highest performing content so you can replicate the format, style, and topic.

2. Create custom landing pages

Every piece of content you have needs to have its own dedicated landing page for it to reside.

This means you’ll have a dedicated place to host the content in the first place as well as providing your blog with the best opportunity to collect and gather contact information through the art of well-implemented lead forms.

Marketing automation comes into play as these lead forms, regardless of where they are on your website, can start to automatically build lead profiles on each one of your customers and readers.

All this information can be automatically collected and organized into your CRM system, which can then be used in the future to send personalized and highly targeted marketing content to certain demographics.

The more personalized your advertising is, the more likely you’ll be to convert a lead into a sale or subscriber.

This is commonly referred to as progressive profiling and can be easily carried out using automated marketing tools such as Pica9 and Buzz Builder Pro.

3. Implement A/B testing

When you’ve spent a tonne of time creating a piece of content, or even just a certain aspect of your content, such as a headline, a landing page or even just an image, you can never be sure whether you’ve gone for the right choice.

However, using automated A/B testing, you can give a select group of viewers the chance to test drive your content to make sure that you’re using the right choice.

Using tools like iContact and Genoo, you can effortlessly test two types of content, monitoring the performance and outcomes of each before deciding on which one works best for your business.

4. Create targeted & personalized content and emails

Emailing personalized content to your viewers, subscribers, and followers is one of the best ways to get them to engage with your business and is a great way to introduce calls-to-action which guarantees to generate sales, boosting your overall conversion rates.

While most businesses use this obvious form of marketing, you can think outside the box for even more uses of this technique.

One of the most beneficial is gathering data on your users, such as interests, which content they prefer and the content they engage with most. This allows you to create even more forms of personalized content that doesn’t just work short-term, but also long-term.

When creating these custom emails, for instance, use automated solutions to customize your mailing lists into unique demographics, such as gender, age, location and content interest.

You can then create customized copy to market to each demographic individually, a much more effective method of marketing.

When creating this amount of content, which can be a lot seeing as though you can divide up your mailing lists infinitely, you can use copywriting services such as State of Writing and Academadvisor to create high-quality emails that will yield results.

5. Automate your social media

This may seem like an obvious marketing technique and one that thousands, if not millions, of businesses around the world already implement but there’s so much more to this aspect of automation than just scheduling your posts.

Instead of just creating content and then scheduling for certain times, hand-in-hand with some of the considerations above, think long-term.

This means create series of related content that you can share with your users.

Even something as simple as running a month-long series on a certain specialized topic is a great way to build up your social media followers and therefore attracting more followers and generating more leads.

Don’t forget to use free tools like Easy Word Count and Resumention to ensure your content is tailored to each unique social media platform.

Of course, this will take a lot more planning but organizing a series in this way can help you to understand exactly what your readers want to see and read, helping you tailor the future content of the series into something that readers cannot live without.

This is also a great opportunity to make your business the authoritative organization on a certain subject.

6. Data gathering for your support & sales teams

As you can see in most of the tips and techniques listed above, a lot of what you do isn’t just to generate leads with every piece of content; it’s about gathering more and more information on your potential customers so you can give them exactly what they’re looking for.

However, this automated research and data collection on your customers don't just help you with your marketing; it can also help all the departments of your business. In this case, we’re going to focus on your support and sales teams.

Using the information and analytics that you’ve collected on your target market, you can adapt and customize your support teams to be able to give the support that your customers are looking for -

  1. What kind of questions are they asking?
  2. What kind of feedback are they giving you about your business?

Taking this information will allow you to create highly detailed support pages, such as your FAQ page that can help your customers find the exact information they are looking for easily.

You’ll also be able to support your sales teams, especially if you have telephone sales teams, to give your potential leads all customized content and verbal support that they’re looking for.

Implement this information in your live chat support and sales teams, and you’ll be giving your customers the best experience you possibly can.

Don’t forget to ask for honest reviews from your satisfied customers and post them into your content using formatting tools like Cite It In.

7. Analyse and improve

With all the considerations and tips listed above, it’s so important that you remember to make time to analyze the performance of every piece of your content and your campaigns.

With real-time live tracking solutions out there, this is an easier task than it may first seem.

Using these methods will help you to identify exactly what areas of your campaign needs to be improved, which topics are performing the best and what strategies are generating the most leads.

With this kind of information, you’ll be able to create similar and replicated content that will continue to boost your sales and lead generation rates in the future.


This is just scratching the surface when it comes to using marketing automation software and solutions to enhance your business's content marketing campaigns.

Each business is different, I realize that, and you’ll have your own opportunities to think outside the box and to get really creative with the content and processes that you implement.

The very best of luck.

About the author

"Gloria Kopp is a content marketing strategist and a blog editor at Ukwritings. She is a regular contributing author and expert at Engadget and Academized blogs. Gloria also writes Studydemic educational blog for marketing students and educators."

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