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How To Make A Custom Homepage In WordPress with Thrive Content Builder (Video)

Last Updated on August 14, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Important: This tutorial is no longer applicable as Thrive Content Builder is discontinued. Please check out the new version of this homepage tutorial using the new Thrive Architect WordPress plugin here.

Do you have a blog or a personal brand website?

If you do, what are you using your homepage for?

If you answered with, 'Well I have my latest blog posts displayed on my homepage, Fabrizio, and a few items in my sidebar too, and that's about it', then you need to rethink your strategy quickly.

Take a look at your Google Analytics reports, I can safely bet that your homepage is probably one of the most visited pages on your site, if not the most visited page, am I right?

If it is, then stop putting it to waste, read on to learn more.

What is a custom homepage anyway?

A custom homepage is a unique, purpose-built static page that is used as the front page of your WordPress website.

The front page of Magnet4Blogging is an example of a custom-built homepage.

Most internet businesses, startups, and yes even blogs of today will use a custom homepage of some sort to help them promote the right message to their target audience and ideal customers.

Why does my website or blog need a custom homepage?

Because whether you have a personal brand business, small business or blog, your website can benefit greatly from having a custom-built front page.

Here are some reasons why -

  1. A custom homepage will make your business website or blog look more professional.
  2. With a custom front page, you can define your marketing message clearer.
  3. You have greater control of the content in your custom homepage, so this is good for SEO.
  4. You can craft your custom homepage to help you drive more of your website's visitors to your conversion goal.

What tools do I need to make a custom homepage?

Once again, assuming your website is built on WordPress, there's a host of online tools, plugins and various themes you can use to help you make a custom homepage in WordPress.

The one tool I love to use and recommend for creating content-rich pages in WordPress, including a custom homepage, is the Thrive Architect plugin. Have you heard of it?

If you haven't, you can read my full review of this plugin here.

Thrive Architect is a powerful, simple-to-use, click, drag and drop front-page visual editor plugin for WordPress.

There's no, or very little, coding involved when using this plugin, though, it does conveniently come with HTML and Custom CSS boxes should you want to add your own custom code to personalize your homepage even further.

Other tools you can use include Dynamik Website Builder or Genesis Extender plugin. You can find both of these plugins here by the way.

The video tutorial below

Ok, if you are ready to begin building the most epic, conversion-focused home landing page for your WordPress blog or small business website, then the video below will guide you through the process, step-by-step.

Here's a screenshot of the homepage template I teach you how to build.

How To Make A Custom Homepage In WordPress (Video Tutorial)

Like the look of this? Great! In the video I will show you how to:

  1. Create a nice clean custom header section.
  2. Build a beautiful custom hero page-section with your marketing message and call to action inside.
  3. Add 2-column services or offerings section.
  4. Give your website some credibility with a testimonials section.
  5. Put an email opt-in form section with your incentive or freebie.
  6. Create a clutter-free 3-column footer area.

Download free Thrive Architect homepage template

The content Upgrade is no longer available for this post. Please check out my other Thrive architect tutorials.

Enjoy and the best of luck.

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