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If You Keep Building, They Will Eventually Come, Or Maybe Not?

Last Updated on June 7, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

It's no secret that building a successful and profitable blogging business, or any type of online business, takes time. Wouldn't be great, though, if you could just build something quickly and get the results you wanted, overnight?

If you're waiting for me to follow up with - "Well, now you can!" I'm not going to say that at all.

So many bloggers start blogging with the notion that in a few months down the line, they're going to have a thriving blogging business that earns them lots of money.

Well, I hate to break out the bad news here, but I've been at this blogging thing for nearly 9 years, and I still haven't reached that point where I can say - "Yep, I made it as a blogger and this is my business."

Although blogging has been a huge part of my online success as a marketer and freelance web designer, I'm still working on the actual "blogging success" part.

OK, so I'm sure you've heard of the phrase -

"If you keep building they will eventually come"


Well, that's not always the case. Sure, you might benefit from some traffic from search engines, eventually, but there are other ways to market and promote your blog, that you shouldn't ignore.

If you're just starting out, you can't just keep on creating content in the hope that somehow people will find it. It's important to get that content noticed as soon as you hit that publish button.

For every post you publish, you should be following it up with -

  1. Social media promotion, not just on the day of publishing your post, but scheduled for the whole week or month even, depending on how often you publish new a post.
  2. A quick video introduction of your post so that you can post on Facebook and perhaps even your YouTube channel.
  3. Minified versions of your post to publish on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, and link back to that full-post (Don't just share links).
  4. A blast out to all your web push notification subscribers. Not just once, but several times throughout the week for maximum impact.
  5. A blast out to all your email subscribers, if you have any that is.

Write, publish, then promote. Rinse and repeat!

Don't just create all your content in one whack in the hope that someday it will get found and noticed.

Don't keep building your blog in the hope that folks will eventually come to check it out and maybe subscribe, ensure you promote every single blog post the best you can, the moment you hit that 'publish now' button. You want to make an impact when the post is fresh, not when it is six months old.

If you need help with planning the promotion of your blog posts, there's a useful planner template available in my Ultimate Pro Blog Planner workbook. Do check it out.

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