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Bloggers: Stop Wasting Your Precious Time Trying To Make F**king Things Work

In my business, as a web designer, blogger, and marketer I hear so many stories. Stories of success, which can be quite motivating and inspiring. And I also hear stories of failures.

Now, hearing about someone else's failure isn't really a bad thing. I always try and show empathy and suggest some solutions that might work in the future, or share a similar story of my own.

But, when I hear stories about how entrepreneurs and bloggers, for example, investing a sh*t load of their time, energy, and money into trying to make things or "something" work for them, and it isn't working out. Well, I'm somewhat bemused.

And no, I'm not confused as to why things aren't working out for them, I'm actually confused as to why they're still trying to make things work!

Seriously, if something isn't working out after so many damn attempts, the solution is simple: Just drop it and move on! How hard can it be?

Now, I don't want you to mistake this for giving up. Because giving up is just giving up and doing nothing else. You have to balance things out in blogging and online marketing.

The problem is this:

As bloggers and marketers, I'm guilty of this too, by the way, were too busy trying to make every f**king thing work for us. And the more new shiny objects we discover, the more time we invest in trying to make it work.

We also compare ourselves with others and think: Well, if it's working out for them, then it should work out for me too.

Be it marketing on a particular platform or medium, using some new tool or service, or something else entirely, like writing an eBook or creating videos, etc.

Let me share with you my problem with Facebook:

For years I've been trying to make Facebook work for my business, to absolutely no f**king avail. I'm just not very good at it in all honesty, and I'm not that passionate about it either, I won't lie.

I realized some time ago that I should just stop trying to make Facebook work for me, and focus on the sh*t that's already working right now. Like Instagram and YouTube.

So, today's big tip is simple:

Stop focusing on the crap that isn't helping you grow your blogging business, and focus on the stuff that's already giving you the results you want. Go all in and all out on those things and be awesome.

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