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30 Things You Can Do To Improve Website User Experience

Last Updated on April 15, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Before we begin this post, I want to quickly address some emails that I've been receiving recently regarding the new Magnet4Blogging pro child theme.

Some of you have been emailing me to ask:

Did I change the theme? And if I did, why?

Well, yes I did change the theme. I'm now using a purpose custom built child theme for Genesis.

The tool I used to build my new theme is called Child Themer, and you can learn more about it here.

So I was previously using the Digital Pro theme for Genesis, and before that the Rise Theme by Thrive Themes.

So why change?

Simple, because I needed a lightweight custom theme designed with conversion optimization in mind.

Lightweight, fast loading, secure, responsive theme...

The new custom theme is much lighter than any other themes that I've used in the past.

I also designed it with minimal gimmicks, removing any unnecessary features.

So there's a lot less code for improved overall performance, especially in page load times.

To quickly summarise, I changed the theme to -

  1. Improve user experience.
  2. Improve site performance, security, SEO and page load time.
  3. Give my online business a more "professional look" going into the new year.
  4. Help me streamline my messaging, marketing goals and objectives.

Improving user experience on my website has always been of paramount importance, and if you're looking for ways to improve UX on your WordPress site too, check out the list below.

Tips to help you improve YOUR website user experience and boost conversions

  1. Update your current theme to a much lighter, cleaner, mobile responsive theme. Check out this post.
  2. Improve typography with increased font-size and line-spacing to make for easy-reading.
  3. Build a custom homepage. Check out this post to learn how. If you can't build one, hire me.
  4. Improve site navigation.
  5. Get your visitors to your conversion goal within just a few mouse clicks from landing on your homepage.
  6. Remove clutter from your sidebar, or consider removing your sidebar completely. Read this post.
  7. Create some breathing space around your content elements, add more white space.
  8. Select your website colours wisely. Try sticking to two or three tones.
  9. Make your homepage design consistent with the rest of your site design and layout, i.e. sales landing pages, email pages, membership pages etc.
  10. Improve your call-to-action messages inside buttons.
  11. Showcase your primary call-to-action button, make it a different stand-out colour like "green".
  12. Reduce number of pop-ups on your website.
  13. If YOU are the face of your brand, make sure your "mug shot" is on the homepage, sales pages, about page, etc. And make sure you're smiling.
  14. Remove unnecessary links from your landing pages, sales pages and product pages.
  15. Use more words like "You" and "Your" instead of just "I". Engage your readers with your content.
  16. Make better use of your "Above the fold" section, both on the homepage and inside your blog posts to maximize conversions.
  17. Make the opt-in process for your subscribers simple.
  18. Make sure your offers are aligned with your business.
  19. Improve your content, make sure everything is mistake-free. Use the Grammarly app.
  20. Do split-testing for your landing pages.
  21. Do split-testing for your headline titles.
  22. Do split testing for your pop-up forms.
  23. Avoid using too many cheap looking stock images, cook up your own images using your smartphone or digital camera. Find relevant images on sites like Pixabay.
  24. Add videos to your sales landing pages, product information pages and blog posts. This study suggests that videos can increase conversions by a whopping 80%.
  25. Diversify your content on long-form posts with images, videos, graphs, charts, infographics, slide shows and more.
  26. Make it easy for your visitors to contact or connect with you.
  27. Use social proof where possible.
  28. Show off your subscribers, social fans count. Use something like "Join 20,000 fans..."
  29. Show visitors where you've been featured in with "As See On..." banner. Like the one you see on the front of my website.
  30. Showcase the most popular blog posts on your blog, the ones with lots of social shares, comments, authority, etc.
  31. Consider adding a "Live Chat" feature to your ecommerce pages.
  32. Remove any conversion crushing elements, such as banners and external links that forces your visitors to leave your site or blog.

So there you have it, I hope this list will keep you busy for now. Don't forget to check back soon, or even subscribe for updates, as I'll be updating this post in the future.


If you need help with your website design, theme development, and branding, click here to make a start. Let's have a friendly chat about your turning your ideas into reality.

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