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6 Reasons Why Your Sales Page Conversion Rate Sucks (And How To Fix It)

Last Updated on February 7, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

If you're struggling to get traffic and conversions to the sales pages of your website, don't stress! Hopefully, this post will help you find a few solutions.

So, you've got a really great product ready to start shipping out.

You have a beautifully designed sales landing page and you're ready to start your marketing and promotion campaigns.

A few months go by and you don't make very many sales.

In fact, your conversion rate really sucks, despite your best efforts to try and get the word out about your amazing new product.

You really thought you had everything covered, from planning, design, launching, to marketing. But now you're truly disheartened by the results you're getting. Nothing more than a few sales.

OK, so let's just assume the following for one second:

Let's assume you've done your homework and research, and let's also assume you know that you have a really great product that people are in dire need of.

So, why aren't you making many sales?

Well, there could be a hundred reasons why, but today I want to highlight 6 very critical ones - so let's dive straight in.

6 Reasons Why Your Sales Page Conversion Rate Sucks (And How To Fix It)

Why does your sales page conversion suck and what can you do about it?

#1. Your sales page design and copy sucks

Take a look at your sales page right now, or even better, ask someone else to take a look at it.

Ask yourself this:

  1. Does it offer complete clarity to your visitors as to what the sales page is for or about?
  2. Is your marketing message clear enough?
  3. Is it visually appealing to your target audience?
  4. What about the sales page copy itself? Is it educational stuff or just plane salesy?
  5. How many other design features do your sales page have that really shouldn't be on there?

Your sales landing page design should be clean, distraction-free with no 'conversion crushing' design elements included.

Here are some additional points to keep in mind -

  1. Use relevant images that enhance the product or service being sold.
  2. Make use of bullet points to highlight key features.
  3. Add a promotional video to demo the product or service. Adding a video to your sales landing page can boost your conversions by a whopping 80%.
  4. Ensure your copy is easy to read and educates your customers about the product and the solutions to the problems it aims to provide.

If your sales page design needs some drastic work or improvements, it's time to take action now rather than later.

There are some great DIY, drag-and-drop landing page tools you can invest in. If you're on WordPress, I recommend checking out Thrive Architect. In addition, Thrive also has a great course on how to design a great landing page quickly here.

If you're unable to design your sales page yourself, consider hiring a web designer to create a landing page specific to your business goals.

#2. Your sales page takes forever to load

I can't tell you how many times I've experienced this myself.

Making your customers wait for your pages to load is seriously bad business. Think about it, they're interested in your offer, but the page is taking so long to load.

What happens next?

They leave without ever coming back! That's what happens next.

According to this author, a 1-second delay in page load time is potentially a 7% loss in conversions.

So, if your sales page is taking longer than it should take to load, you need to take drastic action.

  1. Ensure your landing page images are optimized for faster loading. Resize your images and then use a tool like TinyPNG to compress them.
  2. Remove any unnecessary clutter from your sales landing page, including the footer section!

Check out the following posts for tips on page speed and website optimization -

  1. 9 Ways To Improve Your Google Page Speed Insight Score
  2. What You Should Know About Google's New Lighthouse Speed Tool

#3. Your offers aren't appealing enough

Take a look at your sales page offer or offers and ask yourself this:

Are they irresistible enough to make visitors want to take action and buy?

If not then sit down and think about how you can make your offer(s) more appealing.

Perhaps your product or service is priced too low or too high. Perhaps you haven't added enough compelling evidence that what you're selling is what people really need (hopefully you've done your homework before that happens).

If there's room for improvements anywhere here, do it! Perhaps you can bundle your offer with another great offer.

How about creating a sales funnel even? Give something valuable away for free and use it to promote your core premium offers for example.

A powerful tactic you might want to consider trying is something called 'scarcity marketing'. You could create a special discount that is only available for a limited time, like 24 hours.

Check out Thrive Ultimatum for WordPress, it's the most powerful scarcity marketing plugin and easy to set up.

#4. Your offer is not consistent with your overall message

Again, going back to "clarity in your message", in this instance you've got to ask yourself this:

Is what I'm offering consistent with the overall message of my blog or business?

For instance, let's say you blog about increasing blog traffic and driving up conversions, but when people land on your sales page, they find that your offer is about something else entirely.

This mistake is often overlooked when trying to improve your sales page conversions, so ensure your offer or offers are in line with your overall message, always.

#5. The visibility of your sales page is poor

You might think this is a bit of a generic point I'm making here, but seriously, people spend a lot of time and energy crafting a really great sales page, with great copy and everything else, only to have it buried in amongst the thousands of other pages on their website.

Why oh why???

Make sure it's visible. That means linking from every vantage point possible; including your main navigation menu, your blog sidebar, in the footer, native linking from your blog content, etc.

#6. Your marketing strategy isn't working

Lastly, if your sales page marketing is a bit of a hit and miss, you could be missing out on some real sales.

Stop throwing your money and precious time on doing every single strategy out there that simply isn't working for you. Instead, start off by doing some solid A/B split testing to first learn what is actually happening on your sales pages.

Learn more about your target audience before deciding on what will work in the future. Only then, you can put an effective content marketing strategy in place. Utilize video and social media. Build and segment a targeted email list, etc.

Again, you can consider creating a powerful sales funnel with a free irresistible offer first.


We've looked at just a few of the reasons why you could be struggling to get traffic to your sales landing pages to convert into sales. If you have a dedicated sales page that could do with being improved, I do hope that the tips above will serve you well.

Psst... If you need any help with creating a great sales page for your business, I'm here to help you. Let's work together to make something happen. Click here for more information.

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