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120+ Magnetic Blog Post Headline Ideas For Small Business Bloggers

Last Updated on November 3, 2020 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Want to grab your reader's attention with some compelling headline titles for your small business blog? Are you tired of brainstorming for headline ideas for your content? Are you looking for something you can grab straight away and start working with immediately?

Well, you're in luck, my friend. Because you've arrived at the right post.

Below is a compilation of 120+ powerful blog post headline ideas for you to freely use.

Oh, and these aren't just silly titles pulled out of some magic hat either. Nope, these are titles I've experimented with using the wonderful Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin (Affiliate link). So I've selected only the finest click-worthy, attentio-grabbing headline title ideas for you.

What are you waiting for? Pick a few you like and make something magical happen for your next small business blog post. This post has been fully revised and updated for 2021!

How to use: Replace the [X] with numbers, for example, 23 Bloggers Share The Methods For Promoting A New Blog Post.

Don't forget, you can use tools like CoSchedule's headline analyzer to check how effective your headlines are. This is a free tool.

headline ideas for small business bloggers

Headline ideas for your tutorial posts/methods posts

  1. The No-Brainer's Guide To ________
  2. All You Need To Know About ________
  3. Your One Stop Guide To ___________
  4. How To ________ The Smart Way
  5. The Definitive Guide To ________
  6. The Ultimate Guide To ________
  7. A Step-By-Step Guide To ________
  8. The Only Guide You Need To ________
  9. How To Dramatically ________ In [X] Easy Steps
  10. How To ________ Without ________
  11. How To ________ For Your________
  12. How To Skyrocket Your ________ In______Using________
  13. How To Reach Your ________ Without ________
  14. How To Leverage ________ To ________
  15. The Practical Guide To ________ For ________
  16. How To Catapult Your ________ Using ________
  17. How To Increase ________ And ________ Quickly
  18. How To Rapidly ________
  19. The Complete Beginners Guide To ________
  20. The Advanced Guide To__________
  21. The Pro_______ Guid To________
  22. An Advanced Tutorial On ________ For________
  23. Taking Your ________ To The Next Level Using ________
  24. How To Use ________ To ________
  25. How To Make ________ When ________
  26. How To Drive_______ When_______
  27. Rock Your ________ Using This _________ Method/Tactic/Strategy
  28. How To Really ________
  29. The No-Nonsense Guide To ________
  30. Crush Your ______ Using These Top _________
  31. The Simple Guide To ________
  32. [X] Ways Investing In ________ Can Make You _________!
  33. [X] Monster Ways To ________
  34. [X] Most Effective Ways To ________
  35. [X] Most Creative Ways To Boost ________
  36. The Best Guide On The Web For ________
  37. [X] Best Ways To ________
  38. [X] Profound Ways To ________
  39. [X] Secrets You Should Know About _________
  40. How I________ By Doing ________, And How You Can Too!

Headline titles for your quick tips posts

  1. [X] Simple Ways To ________
  2. [X] Actionable Tips For ________
  3. [X] Really Simple Things You Can Do To ________
  4. [X] Quick And Easy Ways To ________
  5. [X] Killer Tips For ________ For Bloggers / Businesses / Entrepreneurs
  6. Simple Ideas To ________ Quickly
  7. [X] Things You Can Do Right Now To ________
  8. [X] Things You Can Do When You ________
  9. [X] Surefire Ways To _________
  10. Go From_______ To _______ In Just [X] Minutes
  11. How To _______ In Just [X] Minutes!

Headline ideas for your list posts / expert roundup posts

  1. [X] Smart Ways To Take ________
  2. [X] Top Bloggers Share Their ________
  3. [X] Industry Influencers Reveal Their ________
  4. [X] Amazing ________ Every Blogger Should ________
  5. [X] ________ You Need To Know Now
  6. [X] Reasons Why Your ________ Sucks
  7. The Ultimate Checklist For ________
  8. [X] Brilliant Ideas To Help You ________
  9. [X] Marketers Tell You How To ________
  10. [X] Mommy Bloggers Want To Teach You How To ________
  11. [X] Savvy ________ Explain How To ________
  12. [X] Reasons To ________
  13. [X] Pieces Of Evidence To Prove ________
  14. [X] Telltale Signs That ________
  15. [X] Incredible Resources For ________
  16. [X] Must Have ________ Every ________ Should Use/Have/Own
  17. [X] Essential ________ For ________
  18. The Badass List Of ________
  19. [X] Epic Ways To ________ Without ________
  20. [X] Most Inspiring ________ You'll Ever See/Read About
  21. [X] Amazing Facts About ________
  22. [X] Savvy ________ Tips For Bloggers/Marketers/Entrepreneurs
  23. [X] A List ________ Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets About ________
  24. [X] Mind Blowing Ideas For Promoting ________
  25. [X] Things To Consider Before You ________
  26. [X] Things To Do Before You ________
  27. [X] Things You Should Do After You've ________
  28. [X] Things ________ Don't Tell You About ________

For your case study posts

  1. How I Increased ________ By An Astounding ________% Using ________ Tactics/Ideas/Strategies
  2. How I Trippled ________ By A Massive ________%, And How You Can Do It Too!
  3. [X] Real World Data On ________ Every ________ Should Know About
  4. [X] ______ Statistics For _________
  5. Hard Evidence That Willl ________
  6. What _________ Can Teach You About ________
  7. You Will ________ According To This ________
  8. This Simple ________ Proves That ________
  9. [X] ________ Stats You Should Know About ________
  10. [X] ________ Facts You Should Know About ________
  11. [X] ________ Conversion Stats To Help You ___________
  12. [X] ________ Stats To Help You Boost ___________
  13. [X] _________ Marketing Stats/Facts/Conversions In __________

Headline ideas for your question type posts

  1. Are Your Tired Of ________?
  2. Do You Know How To ________?
  3. Is/Are Your ________ Trying To Tell You Something About Your ________?
  4. Should You Really ________?
  5. Are You Sure You Want To ________?
  6. Is This The ________?
  7. Is/Are ________ Hurting Your ________?
  8. Are You About To ________ Without Knowing It?
  9. Do You Feel As If You ________?
  10. Can You Tell If ________?
  11. Will ________ Help You To ________?
  12. Are You Making The Most Of ________?
  13. Are You Taking ________?
  14. When Is It The Right Time To ________?
  15. Are You Thinking Of ________?
  16. Are You Ready For _________?
  17. Are You Trying To _________? Here's How!

Headline titles for your comparison posts

  1. ________ VS ________: Which Should You Use/Invest In/Try/Buy/Trust/
  2. ________ VS ________: Which Is The Best For ________
  3. Why More People ________ Than They Do ________
  4. [X] Reasons Why ________ Is Better Than ________
  5. Why I Think ________ Is Better Than ________
  6. Why You Need To Use ________ And Not ________
  7. ________ VS ________: All You Need To Know About These Two ________
  8. ________ VS ________: How Do They Compare?
  9. ________VS________: And The Winner Is?

Click-bait headline title ideas

  1. [X] ________ You Need To Avoid At All Costs, Unless...
  2. How ________ Almost Killed Me!
  3. If You Are Doing ________ You Will Fail! Here's Why!
  4. This Is The One Single Reason Why Your ________ Will Fail!
  5. If You Can Create A Compelling Enough ________ I Will Eat ________!
  6. [X] Things No One Has Told You About ________!
  7. [X] Ways Your ________ Will Kill You!
  8. [X] Reasons Why Your ________ Sucks!
  9. [X] Sickening Things About Your ________!
  10. [X] Reasons I Think ________ Sucks!
  11. [X] Shocking Truths About ________: Number Five Will Shock You!
  12. [X] I Lost All My _______: But Not How You Think!

OK, so there you have it, a pretty heavy list of some compelling headline post ideas for you to use on your small business blog.

As you will no doubt notice, these ideas can be tweaked even further. The purpose of them is to give you a kick in the right direction with your post ideas. You may pick one or two and completely transform it to suit the nature of your blog article.

I will be updating this post in the future, as and when I find more compelling, conversion-focused titles to add. If you want to get notified when updates are added, consider subscribing to my email list here.

4 Quick tips on creating click-worthy headline titles!

I want to end this post by sharing some quick tips to help you create the kind of titles that will captivate your readers, and get them clicking to read your content.

  1. Keep them short and descriptive. Ensure your headline's fit nicely inside a tweet.
  2. Make sure your titles are relevant and never misleading in any way.
  3. Use effective emotional words (Emotional Value Marketing)
  4. Use Adjectives to provoke thoughts and interests.
  5. Avoid using too many difficult to read or understand words. Keep things simple.

Recommended post: You can check out what tools I'm currently using and recommend for creating catchy headline titles here.

I also recommend learning more about one of my favorite conversion tools, the Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin.

Right, that's it from me, enjoy the headlines and go get creative with them.

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