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I'm Giving Up Writing For You, Google! And Here's Why...

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

So, my blogging strategy over the last five years has been like this -

Spend countless hours, days, nights, weeks researching, writing, and publishing detailed, long-form, massive value content on my blog.

Yeah, I'm hoping you have found most of the content useful in some way... hoping.

My aim has always been to try and provide as much value as I can in each post. That has always been the way for me, and that's what Google wants us to do as content creators, right?

And as you may know, I've always preached about over-delivering on value. I'm sure you've heard me quote this:

You've got to over deliver on the value... The only way to win at blogging is to give, give, give.

But guess what?

I'm so tired of writing massive posts like these. I'm not tired of giving, just giving a little too much too quickly.

Massive value posts are not easy to put together because they can take an enormous amount of time and resources to create.

I know I could probably do with a few more big posts on my blog to increase traffic and grow my readership, but for now, I actually feel burned out.

So, I'm going to try and write shorter articles in the near future. I'll give it a try and see what happens at least.

I believe this strategy is going to benefit both of us, but perhaps Google might not like it so much. Who knows what they'll end up doing to this blog.

You'll still get the regular stuff but in much smaller, digestible pieces.

Future posts will contain quick actionable tips, simple ideas, and techniques to help you improve your blogging, as well as your online business.

I'll also write more WP tutorials, although, I'm thinking about moving those to my new site at FVM.

So, in short:

You can expect, more frequent "bite-sized" blog posts that will take you less than a few minutes of your time to read, digest, and take action.

What do you think?

Does that sound good or does it not? Do let me know.

Sorry, Mr. Google. I'm no longer prioritizing my content for you, do with this blog as you please because I just feel that my readers come first.

Share with me your thoughts, join the conversation over on Facebook! And thanks for being awesome!

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