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How To Epically Fail At Blogging (Things You Should Avoid Doing)

Last Updated on April 6, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Blogging can be a whole lot of fun and extremely rewarding at the same time, but only if you work smart, play nicely by the rules, have a lot of patience, be helpful and resourceful, and remain totally focused on your goal at all times. However, most folks fail at blogging, and there's a bunch of genuine reasons why.

In this post, we'll take a look at a bunch of the things that can actually guarantee failure in blogging. So, if you're doing any of the following tactics listed below, hopefully, you can avoid them in your quest for blogging success. Whatever success means for you.

OK so let's dive straight in!

1. Don't bother having a plan

If you want to fail at blogging, forget about writing your plan of action, setting goals, or getting yourself properly organzied to write content and do marketing and promotional stuff.

But, if you really feel the need to plan ahead, you can get organized, and stay focused on reaching your blogging goals using my Ultimate Pro Blog Planner workbook.

2. Don't bother about creating an about page

I mean, who reads those self-promotional, essay-long pages anyway? It's not like anyone would be remotely interested in learning more about the person behind the blog, right?

That said, if you really care about writing a great about page, check out mine to get some ideas and inspiration.

3. Forget about design

Don't waste your time with a beautifully designed blog, because if you do, you'll end up with a blog that people will actually enjoy visiting and exploring, and reading your content.

Of course, if you're interested in creating a memorable and unique design for your blog, check out these awesome WordPress themes which you can easily customize.

4. Write crappy content

Unless you want to get your blog noticed, don't bother with writing useful, compelling, or valuable content, just focus on writing boring, mediocre content that does nothing to provide any value, always.

Remember, writing great content will only get your blog noticed, get people subscribing, and all the rest of it. So, if you want to guarantee your failure in blogging, just write crappy content that no one will care about reading, commenting on, or even sharing.

5. Don't make friends, you don't need them

Do everything by yourself, you don't need to connect with anyone in your niche, or get help from anyone.

Creating connections and making friends online as a blogger will only get your name around the blogosphere, and probably help you to grow your readership, build trust, and elevate your blog to success, etc. Why would you want any of those things when you're trying to fail, epically?

6. Email list building sucks!

Screw that email list, seriously guys and dolls, it just takes up way too much time to set up.

And then you've got to waste even more time crafting useful emails, getting them sent out, only to have people click on the links to read your content, or even buy into our products or services. You don't want any of those things, right?

Of course, if you do care about growing your blog readership and your email list, read this post.

7. Don't notify anyone about your latest posts

Have you heard of this web push notification thing going around?

Apparently, it's a great way to notify your subscribers about your latest posts, offerings, and incentives, quickly. But I wouldn't bother with that either unless you're trying to grow and succeed at blogging.

If for some odd reason you want to enable push notifications on your blog, check out this tutorial post here.

8. Screw user-experience

Forget about making your blog user-friendly, instead get crazy with ads and pop-ups.

Have a big nasty navigation that takes your visitors on a wild goose chase around your blog. Really turn people off so they don't ever come back.

9. Stuff checking for spelling errors and all other sorts!

No one cares about your spelling or grammatical errors. Hundreds of bloggers don't bother to check this, so why should you start? Just hit publish and be done with it.

10. Don't waste your time with comments

Don't bother reading or replying to any comments on your blog, doing so will just take up an enormous amount of your time, and remember, you're not remotely interested in building meaningful relationships with your readers, right?

11. Do all that you can to make people click on your affiliate links!

When it comes to using your blog to promote affiliate products and services, just break all of the rules in the book, it's the only way you'll make money.

Who cares whether a product works or not, or whether a service has a bad reputation or not, just as long as you make a nice fat commission, that's all that matters, right?

Conclusion (You must read this...)

Now, here's what I want you to do.

Of course, I'm being overly sarcastic in this post and stating the obvious.

I want you to do completely the opposite of everything listed above. Because if you do not and actually apply everything I've mentioned above for real, you will most definitely fail at blogging, and on an epic scale too.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed reading through this post. I've tried to make it humorus by highlighting the obvious mistakes that bloggers make. So, be aware and be the best blogger you can be. The best of luck!

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