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Facebook Live Video: Why It's Time To Up Your Video Marketing Strategy

Last Updated on May 9, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Are you harnessing the power of Facebook Live Video to help broadcast your message about your business, products, and services? In this post, you’ll discover 5 reasons why you should be!

With a massive breakthrough, Facebook has pushed forth the boundaries of communication and honestly, it’s going to give users some real-time experience.

I don’t doubt, there’s anyone who doesn’t use Facebook.

Well, maybe there’s a few who still don’t.

If you’ve got an account on Facebook, then great! If you’re a regular user of the site, you find it convenient to upload personal messages and share photos with family and friends. right?

If you’re a celebrity or a people’s person, you keep your fans and paparazzi updated with your recent activity.

And… if you own a business, you have the brightest opportunity to market and promote your latest products and services to your target audience.

Mind you, Facebook is the most used social media platform for all generations!

Talking about companies and businesses, they are always into the fads of introducing new ideas for product promotion and marketing.

According to the 2017 statistics by Wyzowl63% businesses are now using video-based content marketing, while 82% of them feel that marketing via videos has become an essential part of their product promotion strategy.

So, you must’ve guessed what the hype is all about?

Yes, Facebook Live Video is going to be the new and improved face of video marketing.

It’s something new. It’s something young. And it’s something revolutionary.

Facebook Live Video is shifting the communication paradigm to a whole new level and you or any marketer should definitely know about it.

OK. So you’ve decided to make a move towards video marketing via Facebook Live Video. But wait…

You’re thinking… “Is it really worth it? Should I be investing my resources in it? Will it make an impact on my audience?”

The answer is: Yes; it’s not only worth it but is definitely the shortest stairway to success.

Why you should be using Facebook Live Video for product marketing?

If you’re thinking of hopping up to success overnight, the fastest way to do so is by adding Facebook Live Video to your social media marketing strategy RIGHT NOW!

Why? You ask.

Well, it’s really very simple, let’s take a look below.

#1. Facebook live video connects you directly with to your audience.

From a vantage point, Facebook Live Video gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience directly.

You can do much more, like interact with your peers within your niche and industry and exchange opinions and ideas about how you can make your business better.

Nifty, isn’t it?

With opportunities as such, you can’t possibly miss hosting sessions with popular influencers and select targets as your business platform.

Bonus Point: Always try going the extra mile for your customers by catering to their needs, wants, and expectations. They’re, after all, the cherry to your pie!

#2. It can help you boost communication and improve sales

Facebook Live Video can do a lot more than you can imagine.

For instance, your audience can multitask at the same time! (By multitasking, I mean they can comment and watch the video simultaneously).

Reading the juicy comments from the live stream feed will help you make constructive modifications with regards to your products or services.

Not only you, but people from participating audience can interact with others as well. This way, you can gather as much information from participant interaction and double your sales potential.

Now, you’d say that you need a proof.

Well, OK.

How about this:

Market research has shown that after watching an explanatory product video, 74% views bought that product.

Holy Smokes!

Yeah, I know, insane, right?

#3. Facebook Live Video shows a great return on investment (ROI)

About 83% businesses report that videos provide good ROI, and that’s the very reason why you should be using Facebook Live Videos to stream your product videos.

It’s obvious that you need to deliver a good image of your brand and that’s why you want to use the best tech in town.

It’s also apparent that using modern equipment won’t be cheap, but it will pay off big time.

It’s really ok if your videos aren’t perfect; you can always use editing tools to improve the video quality.

Just remember, it isn’t the video, it’s the content that matters!

#4. Become more expressive about your business and services with Facebook Live Videos

When you’re in front of the camera and going live, you might get a bit nervous and act a bit camera-shy.

Don’t worry though.

As strange as it sounds, your openness and expressive attitude will become your ultimate weapon to slay the competition.

The fact is, your audience clearly notices the verbal and non-verbal cues during the live session.

At that point, you can build contextual bonds with your audience using emotions.

Some things are just best when expressed on camera…going live… on Facebook Live Video.

#5. Facebook Live Video is your gateway to building better customer service relations

Now, that you’re going live and conducting product explanation video sessions, you’re still missing out on something.

It’s the customer service relations. You need to respond to the customers reaching out to you.

How? With the ball in your court, you can provide solutions to product-related customer concerns and issues.

You can also conduct a customer satisfaction survey to follow up on how satisfied your customers are with the product.

You know what this means to the customers?

They probably witness your proactive customer services and feel that you’re listening to them.

#6. Save manpower and time during Facebook Live Video Stream

When you’re going live and answering the audience’s Q&As, you can save your time and efforts by answering the same questions for other people.

When they come across your responses, repetition can be easily avoided.

Plus, you and your crew get the incentive to free some time and get started on any other business aspect.

It’s Time To Stream it UP!

As we go, I can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t be using Facebook Live Videos for marketing your products and services on social media.

Broadcasting real-time allows you to deliver a personal experience to your audience and make them feel connected.

You’re on the camera, they can see you.

They are willing to learn more about you and your products and services and that’s where it’s all going to start.

You won’t just be attracting potential customers; you’ll also be captivating the market attached to your real-time broadcasting.

So, get ready in 1…2…3…

Lights… Camera… Action! Start broadcasting.

About the author

Donna Moores is an experienced blogger and a content writer. She has gained an outstanding marketing experience within the biggest industries and businesses, which she pleasantly shares with the readers. Reach out to Donna on Twitter.

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