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9 Powerful E-commerce Growth Hacks To Drive Up Sales And Revenue!

Last Updated on February 18, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

In this post, we're going to dive into 9 proven growth hacking strategies to boost your e-commerce business sales and revenue!

With the advancements in web development technologies, anyone can create a website or online store.

However, the real challenge occurs when you want to scale your online business up from the first few sales.

You want to grow your e-commerce business and bring more traffic to your site to increase sales and revenue, right?

There is a lot of competition in the market and you need to stand apart from others in order to get higher traffic and increase revenue.

But you might be wondering:

How do you make a distinctive presence in the ocean of millions of online stores?

Well, fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help your business stand apart from the competition and make your online presence stronger.

In this regard, you need to develop a marketing strategy that will help you achieve your desired goals. So, in this post, we will talk about 9 powerful growth hacking techniques that will enable you to reach the next level of success with your e-commerce business.

9 E-commerce Growth Hacking Tactics To Grow Your Business

The growth of your e-commerce business is not only important for the long-term survival of your business, but it is also necessary for generating revenues and the expansion of your business to new markets.

OK, let's do this!

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #1. Design a homepage that actually converts

The homepage of your e-commerce website is one of the most crucial parts of your site, which should be designed carefully and wisely.

Moreover, the message on your homepage should detail exactly why customers should do business with you.

Your homepage design should grab the attention of your users, inform them about your products and services, and contain powerful call-to-actions.

So, just keep in mind - Your e-commerce homepage should:

  1. Boast a user-friendly design and layout.
  2. Contain a powerful and compelling marketing message.
  3. Have informative, none-salesy copywriting.
  4. Use relevant and attractive images.

Did you know that putting people on the homepage of your website can have a dramatic positive impact on your conversion rates?

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #2. Do guest blogging to increase brand awareness

Content marketing is definitely the key to a successful e-commerce business.

Through this strategy, you can provide product information and thought leadership to customers at the "Awareness" and the "Consideration" stages of the buying process.

By posting on blogs that are related to your product industry, you can go a step further and get more leads. Through this method, you can promote products, educate people and earn a better position in the search engine search results.

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #3. Create a personlized experience

Thanks to e-commerce service behemoths like Amazon, the use of artificial intelligence in their online stores has become the norm.

As soon as you land on the homepage, the website immediately suggests a variety of products that you might be interested in, purely based on your history of previously viewed or purchased items.

Smart, right?

Well, the good news is that you can also provide your customers with a similar type of personalized experience through other methods, such as personalized notes inside packages or email marketing.

Small gestures like these provide your customers with a delightful experience and encourage social sharing and positive feedback.

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #4. Don't forget about A/B split testing!

No e-commerce business can operate profitably without doing A/B split testing.

By performing A/B tests regularly, you can fine-tune your practices based on the data to get the best solution possible.

You can utilize social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook ads to ascertain which version of a solution is better in driving conversions. Apart from this, you can also test the frequency of emails, chatbot prompts, and various pop-ups.

In fact, you should test all aspects of your store to improve anything that needs improvement. This way, you can ensure that you are using the best marketing tools that your target audience respond to.

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #5. Add a personal touch and market

By using your marketing metrics and analytics, you can get valuable insights into the subgroups within your prospects and buyers.

After learning more about this subgroup and discovering their needs, you can easily tailor the message as per your visitor's interests and preferences.

That way, you can easily provide relevant suggestions to your subgroups based on their interests.

Here's an example; You can add suggestions for sunscreen in your next email newsletter for customers who are interested in buying swimwear.

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #6. Provide scope for feedback

Customer feedback is valuable to your e-commerce business and can help you earn customer trust and loyalty. Feedback can also be used to make your services better.

Provide your customers with an option to express their delights or frustrations about your services that will help you make impactful improvements in the future.

You may opt to send follow-up emails that contain a survey of rating, asking a few relevant questions about their experience on your site.

If there are any quibbles or complaints, you can rectify those issues and improve your site and service. This a perfect way and opportunity to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your online business.

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #7. Prioritize customer retention

If a person shows interest in your products or services, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will buy the product or service at that moment.

Some shoppers like to 'shop around' and do more research on a product or service before buying from you. And, over time, that person may forget about your product entirely.

Through re-targeting, you can remind your potential customers about your shop and products. This is also useful to ensure repeat business. By dropping a cookie into your buyers’ web browsers, you can ensure that they land back on your site instead of going to your competitors’ site.

Social media engagement, impeccable communication, and resolving issues in time, are some of the ways you can ensure that customers get a better experience with your services or products.

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #8. Use affiliate or referral marketing programs

You can involve your customers by making them your brand ambassadors. This is a genuine way to build trust among new customers. And, you can put more effort into making your products or services more attractive by involving affiliates and influencers.

Creating an affiliate program or using referral marketing can help you attract the attention of your audience and make them trust your brand further.

When there is a lot of competition in the online marketplaces, making someone validate your brand can make a lot of difference, especially in the case of a niche market. You can start searching for a person that your target audience can trust to promote your products using tools like NinjaOutreach or LinkedIn.

E-commerce Growth Hacks Tip #9. Offer discounts and incentives during checkout

A large number of buyers tend to abandon carts before they finalize their purchases.

According to Annex Cloud, cart abandonment can cost e-commerce marketers around $4 trillion each year!


Why does cart abandoment happen?

Well, there may be several reasons, such as a slow website, or perhaps your buyers don't find the deal useful or enticing enough.

Here's something you can try:

You can show 'limited time only discounts' during the checkout process to provide customers with a 'happy moment' that they will enjoy. This strategy may help you to reduce cart abandonment and boost your sales.

Similarly, you can also promote other things like 'free shipping' to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

It's a wrap!

When you enter the e-commerce business, gaining as much attention as possible is important for long-term success and revenues.

You should make use of every available tool and instrument which will help you to delight and retain customers.

Implementing some of these e-commerce growth hacking tactics is a great start for your business. By using these methods, you can endeavor to scale up your e-commerce business and establish a robust presence in the online marketplace.

And, while the growth hacking strategies of e-commerce may keep evolving over time, you should also keep up with the latest trends in this realm to make constant improvements in your practices.

After starting an e-commerce business, the next step for you is to make it grow in measurable, scalable, and sustainable ways.

A business can only grow when its customers, market share, and profits increase.

The best of luck!

About the Author

David Meyer is a senior web developer at CSSChopper, a company that provides front-end development, custom web development, and e-commerce development services. In his spare time, David likes to write informative blogs & articles on various technologies that provide tips, information, and education for readers.

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