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Donating My eBook Sales Profits To Save The Children

Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

I'm donating all of the sales profits that I generate selling my Ultimate Pro Blog Planner eBook, in December, to my favorite charity, 'Save The Children'.

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Around this time a year, I can't help but bare a thought for the millions of kids suffering every day around the globe.

Why is this a concern for me?

Because I'm so grateful to be where I am and to know that my own children are reasonably safe. But let's be frank, us 'oldies' are not the future, the children of now and tomorrow are the future. The kids of today will grow and bare the responsibility of looking after others, and if we don't help them, they won't know to help others someday.

As a dad of two beautiful kids, it breaks my heart to know that there are boys and girls around the world the same age as my children who are struggling and suffering every day. And now that winter's coming, it hurts, even more, to think about what they will be going through.

I feel I have a moral responsibility to humankind, to do something to help even if it's in a small way. So, I've decided that all the December sales profits of my eBook, The Ultimate Pro Blog Planner, will be collected and donated to 'Save The Children', one of my favorite charitable organizations.

Save The Children is a registered charity in the UK. It is a worldwide recognized charity that helps to make sure that children in need stay safe, healthy and continue learning. They do so much, and you can learn more about their work here.

The Ultimate Pro Blog Planner

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  29. Yearly Finance Planner
  30. Yearly Goal Tracker
  31. YouTube Subscriber Growth Sheet (0 to 1000 Subs)
  32. YouTube Subscriber Growth Sheet (1000 to 2350 Subs)
  33. YouTube Video Content Planner
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  35. Sponsored Post Planner
  36. Top Performing Blog Posts Log
  37. Advertising Tracker
  38. Blog Post Promotion Checklist

A lot of templates, right?

When will I make a donation?

Here's the most important bit -

In the first week of January 2020, I will collect all of the eBook sales profits for December 2019 and make a one-time donation to Save The Children via their website.

Not only that, I will create either another short video or perhaps go live on either Facebook or YouTube, where you will see me make the donation. I'll also post a quick update to this post to share with your the confirmation of the donation too.

Help promote this post, please 🙂

OK, so that's the plan, and if you're a blogger and interested in helping me raise money, please feel free to grab a copy of my eBook and make 2020 your best blogging year yet, or share this post with your social media followers, blog readers, and email subscribers too. I appreciate it.

Here's to making this a small success, and to raise as much money as possible with the eBook, and to help children who need it the most.

Thanks for your awesome support throughout 2019 -
Fabrizio Van Marciano - Magnet4Blogging

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