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Daily Blog Challenge 2020: Publishing A Post Daily For 30 Days

Last Updated on February 20, 2020 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

OK, so I'm setting myself a new challenge. Are you ready to hear about it? My goal is to write and publish a new blog post every day for a month.

If you're a regular reader of Magnet4Blogging, then you'll know that for the last two or three years, I've only ever published a post a week. Sometimes every two weeks.

Well, I'm breaking my own rule of weekly posting to write and publish a post every single day, starting with this post.

I'm calling it the 30-Day Blog Challenge 2020.

You can follow the updates using the hashtag on Instagram here #30dayblogchallenge2020. And also Facebook.

Yep, it's going to be a real challenge alright, at least for me anyway.

Why so?

Well, to start with, I have to find the time to plan and write a post every single day.

I'm already quite busy with my other businesses (in eCommerce and web design). But, I'm going to try and make this happen because I love a challenge.

So, to help me through this obstacle, I'm planning to write first thing in the morning, before I do anything else.

The mornings are best for me. I'm a lot more motivated, my mind is clear, and my focus and concentration are at its peak.

So, finding time is my first obstacle. The second obstacle is researching and gathering resources for each post. And again, this process takes time too.

When I normally post weekly, I have plenty of time to research and learn about a topic that I want to write about first. So, to deal with this obstacle, I plan to do my research and collect resources well in advance of writing. Perhaps I'll do this the night before I'm due to write the post the next morning.

I will be putting my good old Pro Blog Planner Workbook to good use during the course of this 30-day blog challenge.

The planner will help me to do the following -

1. Make a list of topic ideas

This is important to me because I do not want to spend too much time pondering what to write about.

And also, I do not want to publish a mediocre piece of article every day for 30 days. The challenge is to bring you a great piece of valuable content each day.

With my handy list of post ideas, I should have something fresh and original for you to read each day.

2. Plan each blog post in advance

Planning is also important if I'm going to be efficient at blogging daily. I will use my blog post planner worksheet to plan and structure each post, again the night before writing the following day.

Some folks may think that planning isn't always essential when writing posts. I think differently because blog posts are made up of lots of different components. These components include videos, images, audio files, graphs and charts, tables and quotes, etc.

3. Research and collect resources

As I said earlier, this process can take some time. I like to do my research carefully and collect any valuable resources, relevant statistics, and data to use in my posts.

4. Write then edit (Not both at the same time)

I've always believed in the strategy of writing first, then editing later. So, to save time and my sanity, I plan to focus the first part of my morning writing. Then I'll take a short break and spend the second part of my morning editing.

What is your strategy for writing blog posts? Do you write and edit at the same time, or do you separate each process?

5. Set a deadline time

I'm not sure what kind of deadline I will set myself. For example, I may want to have my post ready for publishing every day before lunchtime.

Setting a deadline time each day should help me to remain focus and avoid procrastinating. At least I hope so.

6. Go through my pre-publication checklist

Finally, I will also make good use of my pre-publication checklist worksheet. This should ensure that I don't end up doing half a job with my daily posting.

Once again, the last thing I want to do is publish a mediocre post that makes no sense to read, or sounds as if it were rushed.

Let's do this (Join me if you wish)

OK, so I'm ready to take on this new challenge and bring you a brand new blog post every day.

Some of these posts will be around 700 to 800 words in length, though I won't be counting words that often. Some will be long-form posts too.

The biggest challenge is making sure each post provides some kind of value and are not just filled with nonsense words or filler content.

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Will I be able to pull this off, or will I fail?

I have no idea, but I do know that I will give this challenge the best shot that I can.

You're very welcome to join me if you wish. If you do choose to go along with me, then let me know in the comment section below so that I can follow your blog and progress.

I will review the last 30 days after...

After the challenge is over, I'm sure there will be plenty of things to analyze, learn about, and discuss. So, I will share with you any statistics of before and after, such as traffic growth, email growth, social shares, number of comments, etc.

Right then, that's the first post done and dusted, see you tomorrow with the second post. If you're going along with me, best of luck.

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