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How Often Should You Update Older Blog Posts?

The time is coming around once again, where I'll be spending a few weeks, or months, going through a bunch of articles on my blog to update them. But here's the question: How often should you update older blog posts? I'll share with you my strategy and hopefully, you'll be able to figure out what […]

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8 Best SEO Affiliate Programs To Make More Money From Your Blog

When it comes to creating passive income with affiliate marketing, there are a gazillion companies and organizations out there all offering their own unique affiliate program. In his post, we’re going to look at 8 of the best SEO affiliate programs for bloggers! Let's dive right in. Before we get started, if you're looking for […]

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10+ Smart Ways To Make Your Blog Faster

Want to know how to make your blog faster? Well, you've come to the right post. We'll take a look at 10 smart ways to make your blog go from snail pace to lightning pace! Let's go. What's the big deal with website page speed and the importance of loading times? I mean, it never […]

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ATF 016: Conquering Your Fears As A Blogger And Content Creator! Yeah, You Can...

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Above The Fold Podcast show for bloggers, solopreneurs, and digital marketers! In this episode, I will share some of my thoughts and advice for conquering your fears as a blogger and content creator. Let's dive straight in. What is going on, everyone? Fabrizio Van Marciano here, and welcome to […]

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28+ Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics Every Blogger Should Know! [2021 Edition]

CRO plays an important role in blogging. If you're trying to grow your email list, increase blog traffic, or earn more affiliate revenue, you should be familiar with some important conversion rate optimization statistics. We live in a world driven by data. Whilst there is a lot of hype and red tape surrounding how data […]

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ATF 015: We've Moved From SiteGround To Kinsta Web Hosting!

Hey, what's going on everyone, thanks for tuning into another episode of the Above-The-Fold podcast show for bloggers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and content creators. My name is Fabrizio Van Marciano and I am your host. In this episode, I'll share why we decided to move our blog from SiteGround to Kinsta! This is Episode 15, […]

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Rank Math Review: Why We Upgraded To Pro!

Just over a year ago, we did something that we thought we'd never, ever do. We parted from a plugin that we've been using since the launch of this blog. Yep, we replaced the Yoast SEO plugin with Rank Math. A year later, we took a step further and upgraded to the Pro Add-on. Did […]

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WP Table Builder Review + Pro Addon: Best Table Builder Plugin For WordPress

Searching for a great plugin to add a simple table to your blog posts? You're in good hands - In this post, I will share my WP Table Builder review and talk a little bit about the Pro Addon. This is a fantastic plugin to help you create beautiful tables in WordPress; let's dive in. […]

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