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Relevant, Informative, And Actionable Content. Does Your Company Blog Offer Any Of These?

Last Updated on April 1, 2018 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Too many small business bloggers are filling their company blog with useless, irrelevant content that no one could care less about reading.

Are you writing a blog to help you promote your small business?

If you are, then great, and you're probably doing a fine job with it.

Blogging can be a very powerful way to communicate directly with your prospects and customers.

Did you know that businesses who make blogging their top priority achieve a much higher ROI for their marketing efforts?

Oh yes, blogging is certainly on the rise as more businesses are realizing the benefits of publishing valuable and informative content on their company blog.

However, I want you to ask yourself the following question -

How much of an impact do you think your blog content is having right now on your readership?

And I'm not asking you to go and count how many social shares, or how many comments, or how much traffic your last post generated.

I mean, is your content really doing its job?

To understand what impact your content is having on your audience as a small business blogger, there are three essential ingredients to small business blogging to keep in mind -

  1. Relevancy
  2. Informative
  3. Actionable

So, how relevant, informative, and actionable do you think your content is in your company?

Let's look at each of these vital ingredients in more detail.

1. Relevant

Are you producing content on topics that are fully aligned with your business and your marketing goals and objectives?

Sadly, a lot of small business bloggers feel the need to write about everything and anything on their company blog. Don't make the same mistake, make sure your content is highly relevant, and the topics you cover are fully aligned with your business, your marketing message, and moreover, aimed at a targeted audience.

2. Informative

Are you creating content that is providing irresistible informative value to your readers?

So, what do I mean by informative value?

Well, I mean, are your readers going away feeling as if they've learned something useful and valuable from reading your company blog?

For example, writing long-form blog posts, or cornerstone articles can be a very powerful way to provide both informative and valuable content to your readers.

Those kinds of articles are usually filled with everything there is to know about a specific topic, subject, or problem.

The questions is, are you creating enough of this kind of content for your target audience?

3. Actionable

Are you producing content for your small business blog that meets the needs of your readers, or provides a solution to a problem for your readers?

One of the reasons why many people visit and read blogs is because they're searching for a solution to whatever problem they might be experiencing.

In this instance, you should ensure that your content has something that your readers can take action upon.

And don't just tell them what they have to do, explain to them how they have to do it, offer help and guidance.

Take action now!

So, if you're blogging for your small business, I want you to go and evaluate your content strategy right now.

Look at the three ingredients I talked about above and ask yourself the following question -

Does your small business blogging strategy tick all of the boxes above?

If it does, then like I said at the beginning of this post, you're probably doing a fine job.

If your content is not ticking all of the boxes, well, you know where to start working on, right?

Get more organized and stay focused on crushing your blogging goals. Grab a copy of my Ultimate Blog Planner PDF guide here.

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