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13 Powerful Blogging Statistics You Can't Ignore

Last Updated on February 24, 2020 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

In this post, you'll discover 13 powerful blogging statistics that will help you to understand the fundamental importance of blogging in business today.

Blogging, over the years, has not changed, it has evolved. The strategy we all used just a few years ago no longer works as effectively today. That's my opinion.

So, as ever-changing blogging is, we have to adapt, adjust as bloggers and businesses.

A blogger does more than write posts

When you think about what a blogger does, today in 2020, you kind of immediately think of 'Writing'.

That's what a blogger does, right? He or she writes content and lots of it.

Well, that's wrong, actually.

Whilst most 'happy to tick along' bloggers stick with 'just writing', smart bloggers, on the other hand, do more.

Smart bloggers don't just write copy to put into a blog post and be done with it. Nor sir, smart bloggers create content using a variety of mediums, and then include that variety into their blog posts.

I'm talking about launching a podcast, vlogging and creating videos for their Facebook and YouTube channels. Creating visual content such as infographics, custom charts, and graphs. You see, all of these types of content can also be used in blog articles.

So, why are not enough bloggers doing this? Why are so many bloggers just stuck in first gear and only use their blogs to create content?

I wish I knew.

I'm not having a poke at traditional bloggers that like to stick with what they are comfortable with. However, I like to and always recommend that in order to advance as a blogger, you've gotta diversify.

Look at some of the top bloggers out there. None of them have made it by simply writing a few wordy blog posts to get to the top. Most of them are creating and distributing content on a variety of channels.

OK. With all that said, here are 13 most relevant blogging statistics you can't afford to ignore right now if you want to say ahead with your blog.

Blog Post Creation

1. 25.13% of Bloggers Spend Between One And Three Hours Producing An Average Post

Source: SEO Tribunal

Blogging isn't a quick fix solution to your slow traffic growth or poor conversion rate. You have to have a solid strategy in place for creating highly relevant, targeted, content that will inform, educate, and inspire your readers to take action.

Blog writing takes time. Sure, it might take some folks around 30 minutes to write an average 800-word post. But it's better to spend a few hours or more creating something really special for your blog readers.

2. Content That Contains Images Gets More Views

Source: Jeff Bullas

In the last post, I shared with you another interesting statistic regarding the high number of people that were visual learners.

You can't create a great piece of blog article without adding some interesting images.

How boring would that be for your readers?

Click here to learn how to create stunning featured post images for your blog posts.

3. 70 Million New Posts Are Published On WordPress Each Month

Source: Ryob

There's no denying that WordPress is the best platform for publishing timely content. So, yeah, the competition is tough, I know?

How are you going to make your posts stand out with that amount of content to compete with?

Well, that's easy, make yours 10x better than everyone else's. It's not hard to do, but it does take time.

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4. The Average Word Count Of A Top-Ranked Post In Google Is Between 1,140-1285 Words

Source: QuoraCreative

This doesn't mean that every single post you put out has to be long-form. But, if you want to rank for certain keywords for relevant topics and create an authoritative go-to article, then you'd better ramp up that word count.

If you do, however, make sure you are still creating value and not just filling your posts up with garbage filler content.

5. Blog Posts Account For Around 65% Of All Content Being Created

Source: DataBox

This proves that blogging is still one of the most powerful methods of content marketing. Even though, video marketing investment is fast increasing.

If you or your company aren't investing in blogging, now is the time to start. Yeah, I know it sounds like I'm singing the same old tune as every other marketer here. But please, do your business a favor and make a start.

6. 55% of Marketers Say Blog Content Creation is their Top Inbound Marketing Priority. (HubSpot, 2018)

Source: HubSpot

Blogging is effective for so many reasons. The benefits include consistent organic traffic growth, which can generate leads and drive sales.

Blogging can also help your business become an authority and establish strong credibility in its niche or industry.

7. Long-Form Blog Posts Generate 9X More Leads Than Short-Form Blog Posts.

Source: Curata

If the result you desire from your blogging strategy is to generate more leads and increase sales, you've got to focus on high-quality, relevant, long-form content.

Inform, educate, and inspire. Remember?

I love writing product reviews and comparison posts on Magnet4Blogging. Most of these reviews are long-form posts that rank well in the search engines and generate good referral sales.

Here's a post I wrote that will teach you how to create MVP (massive value posts) for your blog too.

Marketing Using Blogging

8. Marketers Who Prioritize Blogging Efforts Are 13X More Likely To See Positive ROI (HubSpot, 2019)

Source: HubSpot

Blogging is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing today. As so is video marketing, podcasting, social media, etc.

Unlike expensive direct advertising that often provides only short-term results. Blogging can keep providing your business with long-term growth and success for many years.

9. Companies That Blog Have 55% More Visitors To Their Websites

Source: SEO Tribunal

There's no denying that the more relevant and useful content you produce for your blog, the more traffic you will be able to drive to your products and services.

Your blog traffic can come from search engines, social media, recommendations sites, word-of-mouth, emails, and more.

10. On Average, Companies That Blog Receive 434% More Indexed Pages

Source: HubSpot

Reinforcing what I mentioned above. More indexed pages mean more eyes on your content. More eyes mean more clicks. More clicks/visitors means more leads and sales.

Conversions From Blogging

11. A Blog Post Of More Than 3,000 Words In Length Gets On Average More Social Shares

Source: OptinMonster

Long-form content is always worth sharing, especially high-quality, detailed, relevant, problem-solving content.

And, the astonishing thing is that 95% of bloggers use social media to share their content these days.

So, the math is simple here. Want more shares? Create more pillar blog articles.

12. The Average Conversion Rate For A Blog Is 19%

Source: DataBox

Most bloggers can convert 1 to 5% of their visitors into a subscriber. So, make sure you have your email signup forms or any other primary conversion element setup up prominently on your blog.

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13. Businesses That Blog 20x Per Month Get 5x More Traffic Than Those Who Blog 4x Per Month

Source: Hubspot

If you're writing 3 to 5 blog posts per month and are wondering why your blog traffic is not growing? Well, you've got to ramp up your posting frequency.

Try publishing a post 5x per week, Monday to Friday. You can do this for a short while to see what results you get.

It's a wrap!

So, there you have it. 13 blogging facts and statistics to get you really thinking about your blogging strategy for 2020, and, hopefully beyond.

If you're yet to make a start with your blog, what are you waiting for? Click here to get started.

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