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Grab the Ultimate Pro Blog Planner Workbook and start planning. Make 2022 your BEST blogging year yet!
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Second-guessing where you're going to be with your blogging business 6 or 12 months down the line is not exactly planning. The only way you can move your blog forward is by strategically planning your success path and then taking the right action. The Ultimate Pro Blog Planner workbook is the only planner you need to get your blog from where it is now to where you want it to be in 12 months.
Samantha (Digital Marketer)

Why you need the Ultimate Pro Blog Planner 2022 Edition

Your time is precious, and there's nothing more frustrating than wasting it, trying to organize and plan your blog frantically.
As a blogger, you're responsible for many things; Creating content, promoting content, sending email newsletters, moderating comments, submitting guest posts, and doing social media, not to mention everything else in between.
"With my Ultimate Pro Blog Planner, you can achieve clarity, organize every aspect of your blogging business, save time, stay focused, and ultimately crush your goals" - Fabrizio (Pro Blogger).

What's included in This blog planner?

The Ultimate Pro Blog Planner Workbook consists of beautifully designed productivity templates for you to print and use. Whatever your goal is, there's a template to help you reach that goal.

Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

Carefully plan your affiliate product marketing strategy with this template.

Affiliate Network Information Sheet

Make a record of your affiliate URL, affiliate login details, and commission rate.

Blog Comment Tracker And Organizer

Make a record of the comments you have left on your favorite blogs.

Monthly Editorial Calendar Template

A useful blank calendar template to help you track your monthly activities.

12 Individual Monthly Calendar Templates 

New for 2021 is the monthly editorial templates from January to December.

Blog / Email / Social Stats Worksheet

Track your blog traffic, email subscriber, and social follower growth with this template.

Monthly Blog Income Tracker

Track and record every penny you make from your blog through various streams.

Monthly Blog Expenses Tracker

Account for every single penny you spend on your blog with this expenses worksheet.

Monthly Goal Tracker (Failed It t Crushed It)

Keep track of a list of your monthly goals. Check the box when you've reached a goal.

Month Goal Breakdown Planner

Breakdown your monthly goals by creating smaller daily reachable goals.

Blog Maintenance Checklist

A useful cheat-sheet with a list of to-do items for maintaining your blog.

Weekly Blog Planner Template Layout

A simple Monday to Sunday planner for adding goals, to-do lists, priority items, etc.

Blog Post Creation Checklist

From start to finish, keep a list of the to-do tasks for creating your blog posts.

Blog Post Planner Worksheet

Write your headline, add keywords, key points, research notes, and more.

Blog Traffic Growth  Tracker

2 X templates to help you track your traffic growth from 0 to 2.5K visits per week!

Email Newsletter Tracker Worksheet

Track email newsletters plus delivery, open, clicks, and conversions.

Email Outreach Planner Template

Keep track of your prospects and influencers with this email outreach planner and tracker.

Expert Roundup Planner Template

Plan your next BIG expert roundup post with this email tracker and planner.

Guest Blogging Submission Planner

Plan to do more guest blogging in 2021? Get more organized with this template.

Instagram Content Planner

Get on top of your Instagram marketing with this useful content and story planner.

Username And Password Logbook

Nothing is safer than keeping a record of your usernames and passwords offline!

Post Topic Ideas Planner Template

Thought of a great post topic idea? Jot it down quickly using this template.

5-Day Content Scheduler & Planner

Perfect for listing blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and more.

Blog Postost / Page SEO Checklist

Check through the most critical action SEO items for your post or page.

Each beautifully crafted template will help you plan and organize your blog like never before. Most importantly, each template will help you take the right action, thus reaching your ultimate blogging goals in 2022 and beyond.

70+ A4 printable PDF templates.

Grow your blog traffic.

Plan, create, publish better content.

Plan your social media posts.

Organize your entire content marketing.

Track your blog revenue and expenses.

Reach your blogging goals, faster!

Get instant access to the ultimate Pro Blog Planner Workbook 2022 Edition!

Thousands of blogs are born every day. Don't just become another run-of-the-mill blogger; become the SMART blogger and stand out among the crowd. Be serious about your blog, turn it into a profitable and successful business. Click the button below to make a start.

(Instant PDF Download)

Even more templates and worksheets added for 2022!

Smart Goal Planner Worksheet

Set yourself specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely goals.

Best Time To Publish On Social Media

Maximise the impact of your marketing, post at the right time on social media.

Yearly Finance Tracker Worksheet

Keep tabs on your monthly income, expense, and balance using this worksheet.

Yearly Goal Tracker & Planner

Outline the main goals you want to accomplish next year with this smart year planner.

YouTube Subscribers Growth Chart

2 X beautifully designed growth charts to take you from 0 to 2,350 subscribers.

Video Content Planner Template

Planning to do more videos in 2022? Plan each video using this useful planner.

Video Creation Planner / Checklist

Once you've planned your video, it's time to start creating it. Use this simple checklist.

Sponsored Post Tracker Worksheet

Keep track of your sponsored blog posts, whether you're creating or accepting them.

Top Performing Blog Posts

Make a list of your most popular blog posts. Keep tracks on visits, comments, and social shares for each post.

Blog Advertising Tracker

Selling private ads on your blog? Set CPM, track costs, and set start and end dates for advertisers using this template.

Blog Post Promotion Worksheet

After you've hit the publish button for your blog post, it's time to promote it. Use this checklist to maximise your promotion.

New Social Media Planner Included For 2022

Brand new for 2022 is this full suite of high-quality social media planners, trackers, and custom charts to help you do amazing things on social media. Boost growth and engagement across all your platforms!

Facebook Ads Planner And Tracker

Use this simple planner to plan and execute your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Facebook 7-Day  Content Planner

Use this planner to create and schedule your Facebook posts and content for 7-days.

Facebook Fans Growth Charts

Track and maintain the growth of your Facebook fans using this useful growth chart.

Facebook Post And Content Planner

Plan each piece of content for Facebook and track engagement rate.

Instagram Ads Planner And Tracker

A beautiful template to help you create and track your Instagram Ad campaigns.

Instagram Post / Content Planner

Create impactful posts and plan your Instagram content with this template.

Instagram Likes / Comment Tracker

Track and measure your engagement and growth with this comment tracker.

Instagram Followers Growth Trackers

Track and manage the growth of your Instagram followers with custom charts.

LinkedIn Social Media Planners

Templates to help you plan your content and messages for LinkedIn. Includes charts to track follower growth.

Pinterest Social Media Planners

Plan your weekly visual content and Pins for Pinterest. Includes a story planner and Pin stats tracker.

Twitter Social Media Planners

Twitter ads planner, 7-day content planner, Tweet creation worksheet, and Twitter follower growth trackers.

Get instant access to the ultimate Pro Blog Planner Workbook 2022 Edition

I genuinely believe that this is the best blog planner you'll ever get your hands on. The templates have been carefully researched and designed. Print them off, create a blog organizer, and start making tracks for crushing your blogging goals this year!