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How To Blog Daily Without Putting Your Readers To Sleep

Last Updated on June 7, 2019 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

Here are some quick and dirty tips for writing and publishing a blog post every day, without putting your readers to sleep!

Writing and publishing a blog post on a daily basis has many benefits. Even though, it's not something that a lot of bloggers are willing to do.

For one, finding the time can be challenging. Secondly, having something fresh to write about every day can prove to be even more challenging, because you really don't want to sound like a broken record or end up boring your audience with mediocre content, right?

That said, writing daily can help you greatly as a blogger, and benefit your audience with a wealth of information, in several ways.

  1. As a blogger, you get to improve your writing ability and develop your writing style much quickly.
  2. Helps you to create more opportunities for your blog and content to be shared on social media channels.
  3. Contributes to the overall growth of your blog, increases search engine traffic, improves visitor retention, and attracts returning visitors to your blog frequently, thus helping you to boost the revenue potential of your blog.
  4. Helps you to build an authoritative blog.
  5. Creates more opportunities for you to connect with new readers and helps you to build stronger relationships with your existing readers.

So, you now see some of the benefits of writing daily, how can you blog on a daily basis without sounding repetitive and really boring your audience, whilst continue to provide value?

Here are some quick tips for you.

  1. Always have a big list of topic ideas you can pick from each day.
  2. Organize and manage your blog writing process. I use a tool called Monday.com to help me plan out my blog posts and track the progress of creating each post from start to finish.
  3. If you have multiple categories for your blog, circulate by writing for one category each day to ensure you're catering for all your reader's interests.
  4. Make sure you're adding value to each post, it doesn't matter how big or small.
  5. Consider adding a 'thought of the day' or sharing a short and relevant story that might inspire and motivate your readers in your daily posts. This is a great way to keep them coming back for more.
  6. Write your post when your mind is fresh, not when your mind is tired or when you lack motivation. I like to write my posts first thing in the mornings.
  7. Write 'bite-sized' blog posts that your readers can get through quickly. You don't always need to write huge pillar articles for your blog.

So, there you have it. Just a few quick tips for writing a fresh blog post daily without boring your readers. Hope you enjoyed this short post.

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