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5 Best Web Hosting For Your Business In 2021

Last Updated on February 12, 2021 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

If you're struggling to work out which web host provider to use for your small business website, look no further! This post has got you covered. We're going to dive into the top five best web hosting for your business. Let's go!

It doesn't matter what sized business you have, whether it's micro, small, medium, big, gigantic, one thing we can both agree on is that you need to have a website.

In n 2021, no business should be without a website. And to start a website, you first need to find a stable and reliable web hosting provider. Thankfully, though, you've arrived at this wonderful blog post.

So, how am I going to do this?

I'm going to dive deep into comparing five of the best web host providers currently in the marketplae.

I'm not just going to compare pros, cons, and costs - Moreover, we'll also look at what each web hosting provider has to offer in terms of technology, options and features, uptime, customer support, resources, and more.

So, whatever your goals are for 2018 with your business website. Whatever your needs are for growing your online business, hopefully, you'll be able to find a hosting provider that can offer you everything you need right here.

Ready? Let's get started.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post contains affiliate links to SiteGround, Bluehost, and HostGator, which means if you make a purchase for web hosting using these links, I may be paid a small commission, at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclaimer here.

5 Of The Best Web Hosting Services For Businesses In 2018

Using dirt cheap web hosting is NOT investing in the growth of your business

Do you really get the same quality of service as high-end premium hosting when you pay for dirt cheap web hosting?

I don't know in all honesty, because I've never really used dirt cheap web hosting personally.

That being said, I've met plenty of bloggers and working with a number of clients who have complained about their dirt cheap web host provider in the past.

Michael Bely wrote about his experience with using dirt cheap and unreliable web hosting in great detail here.

The thing to remember is this - If you’re only prepared to pay peanuts for your web hosting services, then you cannot expect to be provided with the best possible service for your money.

Sometimes it really pays to hand over a little bit of extra cash for a more secure, technically stable, reliable web host.

Besides, this is your business we're talking about here, so you need a reliable service, right?

But I can save money!

I hear you, but going for the cheap option to save a small amount of money is all well and good, but this can often come back to bite you where it hurts the most. Your bottom line!

For instance, what would happen if suddenly your website went down due to technical problems beyond your control?

Servers can go down at any time, and if you've gone for the dirtiest, cheapest option possible, then you're going to be up a creek without a paddle.

Moreover, your customers are not going to understand the situation.

More expensive hosting plans come with a host of security features, stability, many include backup services, better performing servers, tools, and resources etc.

So, rule number one: Think VERY carefully before investing your business website into using dirt cheap hosting.

What type of hosting do you 'really' need?

That you'll have to figure out for yourself, however, whether you’re looking for a shared hosting plan, or to use a dedicated server, or even a VPS (Virtual Private Server), each of the hosting providers listed below should be able to offer you everything you need to set up your business website, yes, including value for money.

Now, let’s take a look at each of them below.

5 Of The Best Web Hosting Services For Businesses

1. SiteGround web hosting

SiteGround is currently the host provider for Magnet4Blogging Media. I came to them in 2015 from BlueHost.

SG is one of the best web hosting services for businesses and individuals, offering value for money plans and unmetered traffic, unlimited MySQL DB, incredible uptime, and really great customer support.

Whilst they're not the cheapest web hosting provider around, SiteGround frequently offers discounts on their plans. Click here to check what the currently available offers are.

When it comes to technology, here's what SiteGround has to offer -

  • SSD (On all plans)
  • SuperCacher
  • CDN (Cloudflare)
  • HTTP/2
  • Free SSL


When it comes to resources, SiteGround boasts a blog, knowledge database, WP tutorials, and WP Speed Optimization.

2. Bluehost web hosting

Before migrating over to SiteGround, I used BlueHost for over five years.

BlueHost was founded in 2003 and provides some of the best web hosting services in the business, uptime has certainly improved, because consistent downtimes was one of the reasons why I moved away from them in 2015, and they're definitely an affordable solution for hosting a small business website.

Customer support, however, was another reason why I left BlueHost, and whilst they have improved in this area too, the response time for support tickets could certainly be improved some more.

All that being said, Bluehost is an all-around decent host for starting a small blog or new small business website project.

Click here to check out the latest deals with BlueHost.

3. HostGator web hosting

My first HostGator experience came in 2005 when I launched a small real estate niche website project, which lasted all but a few months.

I used HostGator again in 2012 to start a personal brand website/blog called OnlineIncomeJournal, again, a website project that lasted about a year.

At the time, I decided to go with HG and not Bluehost because I wanted to keep things very cheap, and HostGator do offer some of the most affordable web hosting solutions in the business.

That being said, HostGator does not sacrifice the quality of their service for the cost. The company provides high-quality web hosting services with great customer support. Their website, the signup process, and their customer portal area is extremely user-friendly too.

You will find some of the most competitive prices when it comes to shared hosting, whilst VPS, Cloud, and dedicated servers are also affordable for hosting a larger business website.

Check out the latest HostGator deals here.

4. A2 Hosting web hosting

I came across A2 Hosting at the start of this year, actually, and was very impressed by what they had to offer, especially to businesses.

On my initial email ticket contact with them, I found their customer communication to be reasonably speedy and very good, and the information provided to new customers very good also.

I contacted A2Hosting at 2:23pm London time, and received an email response at 4:41pm the same day. (See below)

A2Hosting pride themselves on speed, and therefore provides a range of fast, reliable, web hosting services including shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting plans.

I will be 100% honest with you, I've not yet started to use or measure the quality of their web hosting service, but I've worked with countless web design clients who use A2 Hosting with great satisfaction.

A2Hosting technology includes -

  • SSD
  • PHP7
  • Free SSL
  • Free SSH
  • Global servers
  • Linux and Windows hosting

Check out their current plans below.

Click here to learn more and to check out their latest deals.

5. InMotion Hosting

Once again, here's my disclosure, I've not yet used or analysed the quality of InMotion's web hosting services, but on initial contact with them using their Live Chat, their sales representative seemed very friendly and exceptionally keen to help answer my questions about website migration and best hosting plan for a WordPress site.

I'm including them to this list because once again, I've worked with a number of web design clients who use InMotion Hosting and would happily recommend them to their own friends.

I've also found working with InMotion hosting with WordPress integration to be quick and simple too.

InMotion caters for over 300,000 domain names and comes with a host of features including unlimited disk space and bandwidth, marketing tools and security suite, plus a 90-day money back guarantee.

Click here to learn more and to check out their latest deals.


So, as you can see from above, you have some great options when it comes to affordable and reliable web hosting for your small business website.

Take the time to consider the one you're going to use carefully. Do your own additional research and investigation too before finalizing on a provider.

If you have any questions regarding web hosting, WordPress design, website building, etc. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me here.

Best of luck.

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