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8 Ways To Become An Influential Blogger And Crush It Online

Last Updated on November 4, 2020 by Fabrizio Van Marciano

In this post, we'll look at 8 ways to become an influential blogger in your niche! Stand out, become the go-to person of value! Become memorable... Here's how...

In any blogging niche, becoming an influencer is something most bloggers strive to achieve.

Yes, it is certainly a challenge to become recognized in the blogosphere as someone who influences others.

It isn't easy to get people to notice you in the online world, especially when everyone has something important to shout about these days. However, neither is it impossible.

You can become an influential blogger. Yes, you! Whether you've been blogging for two weeks or two years, you can transform yourself into someone that is identified as an influencer. But you have to be prepared to work your absolute butt off!

What does an influencer even look like?

I have no idea! I'm pretty sure they look like ordinary folks. However, I can tell you about some of the traits that influential bloggers possess.

When I think of influencers in my industry, I don't only think about the high-profile bloggers and entrepreneurs, we all know. If you've been in the online business world for a while, you know the likes I'm talking about: Pat Flynn, Michael Hyatt, Melyssa Griffin, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse, Amy Porterfield, Chris Ducker, Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, etc.

Even though these folks have heavily influenced most of us at one stage or another. I'm talking about the people that aren't often spoken about in the blogosphere that go out of their way to be great influencers!

Those folks also deserve just as much credit, and most of them are the folks you and I connect with on a daily, or weekly, or monthly basis.

We all have our own set of influencers; For me, and as a blogger, I think of folks like Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips, Anna Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe, and Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise (just to name a few).

I'm either connected or have been connected at some stage in my journey with these folks. I read their blogs, learn something valuable from them, apply some of their teachings into my own strategy, and I (try to) engage and interact with them whenever time permits.

I know you've heard this cliche a million times before, but it really is all about those 'all-important connections' you make with other people in your niche or industry.

Do I consider myself to be an influencer?

Here' the thing, before I answer that question:

We're all influencers to some degree; I think so anyway. I've actually never painted myself as an influencer in the history of my entrepreneurial life. Yet others have seen me as an influencer.

I've been very fortunate to have been mentioned and praised on countless websites and blogs. I've also been interviewed several times by influential people and organizations in my niche.

Additionally, I've contributed to many expert roundup posts and been invited to write on dozens of authoritative blogs.

A while ago, my name was added to the list of 27 Top influential Bloggers To Follow by Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is a huge influential travel blogger, entrepreneur, and an Amazon Best Seller.

And, before I forget... I was once nominated for a Small Business Influencer award... Many moons ago, of course.

So, again, I guess I must have influenced a few peeps in my time, right?

But I'm just an average, ordinary blogger. I'm no one special, as in to say, if I can influence a few bloggers in my niche, you can do so much more!

OK, enough ranting and chanting from me. Let me share some rock-solid tips to help you become an influential blogger and make your mark online.

Are you ready? Let's do this!

Table of Content
1.Create mesmerizingly awesome content
2.Make it about them and less about you!
3.Connect and engage!
4.Listen to your audience
5.Make your content shareable
6.Become a problem-solving blogger
7Be everywhere... Almost
8.Be nice, moreover, be yourself!

8 smart ways to become an influential blogger!

How To Become An Influential Blogger!

Tip #1: Create mesmerizingly awesome content!

I don't know how many times I've written about the importance of creating valuable content.

This is the thing:

As bloggers, we understand that quality content matters, but be honest with yourself -

Are you really, really, creating REAL value for your readers? Or are you still creating happy-go-lucky mediocre content?

If you're creating really good content, then you have nothing to worry about. Great content gets noticed!

If you seriously think you could do better with your content, however, then let's start there.

Check out these post:

  1. How to write massive value posts for your blog (Cornerstone content)

Tip #2: Make it about "them" and less about "You"

If you're talking mostly about yourself in your blog posts, you probably want to stop, or at least minimize it!

I think it's OK to write about the issue of 'You' occasionally, as long as it's relevant and something your readers can relate to.

Most of the time, however, you should create content that's "about your readers." Content that addresses their problems, needs, and concerns.

In addition to addressing your reader's needs, you should write in such a manner that your content talks about your readers and what they might be going through or experiencing.

Use words like "you" and "your" throughout your copy to make it sound as if the post was written specifically for them as an individual.

Make your content Q&A friendly too, which brings me to the next valuable tip...

Tip #3: Connect and engage

Like I said at the start of this post, it's all about the connections you make as a blogger.

Contrary to popular belief, creating engaging content is NOT rocket science.

All you have to remember to do is address your readers and their concerns, always.

Ask questions, find unique opportunities to open up a conversation, etc.

You can achieve this using polls, embedded surveys, and call-to-actions throughout your content.

Tip #4: Listen to your audience

This is probably the most important tip ever, sadly many bloggers get too caught in writing SEO content and not enough content for their readers!

Just don't let that happen. Don't write about what you think your readers want to read; listen to what they're asking for and write about those things instead.

You can do this by connecting and reaching out to your readers. Talk to them, listen, and learn more about the problems they might be experiencing individually.

Tip #5: Make your content shareable

Great content deserves to be shared, right?

Assuming your content is 'amazing,' make it easy for your readers to share it on social media.

Add a "Click To Tweet" call-to-action to highlight key points in your content.

If you use Social Snap, you can use this feature that's built into this plugin.

Ask your readers to share your posts at the end of your article with a short message and call-to-action. If you don't ask, you don't get.

Tip #6: Become a problem-solving blogger

Creating mediocre content is not a bad thing, and sure it will probably get you some traffic, but by today's standard, it won't help you become an authority blogger.

If you really want to influence others in your niche, you have to be a problem-solving blogger.

In context, this means creating content that provides real answers to your reader's questions, solutions to your reader's problems.

We've probably talked about this a million different ways in this post, but you should realize by now how important this is.

Over the years, I've received countless emails with questions from readers.

They almost always start off with:

"Fabrizio, how do I..."

So, what do you think I do when I receive emails like these?

Of course, I do my best to answer questions, but I also take the opportunity to turn some of those questions into full-blown blog posts.

Remember what I said in tip#4? Listen to your audience.

There are plenty of ways to locate and listen to what your readers are asking your help for. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Read the comment section.
  2. Ask for feedback.
  3. Post questions on your blog, social media, emails.
  4. Check your social engagement stats.
  5. Study audience and behavior elements in Google Analytics.
  6. Snoop around the forums and do a search for your blog name or your name... You never know.
  7. Check your backlink profile to see who's linking to your posts and why!

Tip #7: Be everywhere? Or maybe not...

Over the years, I've tried this strategy several times and found that just being everywhere isn't practical. Or, it just doesn't work (not for me at least).

Being everywhere, where your audience engages with your content the most, that's a much better strategy, I'd say. What do you reckon?

For me, I've found that my audience engages with me and my content the most on Instagram and YouTube. That's where they post questions; that's where I get ideas for future content. You have to find where your audience is hanging around and just be there for them.

Tip #8: Be nice, moreover, be yourself

Finally, the one vital ingredient that is required for becoming an influencer in your niche, and that's to BE YOU.

Nothing screams out 'authenticity' more than being yourself. Let your personality shine through your blog, content, and where ever else you are online.

The best part about being you, of course, is that it's not that hard to pull off. It's much easier to be you than trying to be someone else.

In my life, I have met people that have gone out of their way to try and change me, and I think that's wrong! I've even worked for companies that tried to mold me into a person that I wasn't. It doesn't work!

I once tried so hard to not be me, just so that I could fit in, and it was the completely wrong thing to do. Worse, no one really got to know the real me or my personality.

Blogging has allowed me to express myself in a way that no other career has been able to.

Just be you.

Over To You

So, my friend, I hope you've enjoyed reading through these 8 tips.

I've given you the best advice that I possibly can on how to be an influencer, and hopefully, you'll take it and go be the best you can be.

Let me know your thoughts. You can send me an email here. Or find me on Facebook here.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my good friend Ryan Biddulph for including me in his 27 Most Influential Bloggers To Follow book on Amazon; what an honor, thank you!

Please check out the book on Amazon and connect with all the other 26 bloggers mentioned in it, and don't forget to reach out and connect with Ryan too! Oh, and don't get too jealous of his lifestyle, will you.

Chat soon, Fabrizio Van Marciano!

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